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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Oh baby I'm so tired.

That was a very funny line from an Oprah show about 800 years ago. I can't find the video, I'm sure it's out there, but I'm too tired to go looking. I did try, really I did. But I gave up after about 3 clicks. I had a headache last night after work, and then went to back to school night with 12. Fun seeing all the moms of her friends but still had the headache when I got home. I farted around on FB, watched Hardcore Pawn with the family and then wrestled 15 off the computer and made everyone go to bed. I read for a bit (Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn, AWESOME book but had to force myself to put it down), set my alarm for 6:55 and off to sleep I went.

This morning, when that alarm went off at 6:55 I stared at it in complete disbelief. 15's bus comes at 7:00. 12's bus comes at 7:04. Anyone care to tell me WTF I was thinking setting my alarm for 6:55?? I was tired yesterday after 15 caught her bus and I had to drive 12 to school, so I came home and went back to sleep (hence me resetting the alarm). Yep, I'm tired. I'm not sure why I'm so damned tired. I do know that I have an appointment on Friday with my doctor to discuss my elevated thyroid levels, so maybe that's part of it. Maybe it's running (which is supposed to energize me, not make me a zombie), maybe it's cleaning the house for inlaws over last weekend, maybe it's all the kids' activities, while working full time. Maybe it's trying to keep everyone happy and stretching myself too thin. But whatever the hell it is, I'm sitting here at my desk with heavy lidded eyes just counting the hours until I can go back to bed.

Not going to happen too early tonight. I've got back to school night with 15 tonight, then Spirit Night at Chick Fil-A to raise money for 15's High School Marching Band. Probably not going to happen tomorrow night. Our Team Fossil meeting is tomorrow night, followed by the last workout before the Tough Mudder on Saturday. Definitely not going to happen on Friday night. First home football game of the season for 15, so she'll be playing in the marching band and I'll be working in the concession stand. Saturday is the Tough Mudder where I will run 10 miles and leap hay bales, crawl into muddy tunnels, attempt to carry my body weight while doing monkey bars, climbing, crawling, getting electrocuted, swimming, carrying a log up a hill, good times, people, good times!

I swear to God, I am sleeping all day Sunday. As God as my witness, I'm sleeping ALL. DAMN. DAY. So that I can start all over again next Monday. Except that's when Volleyball games start for 12. Ugh, is it Christmas break yet?


  1. Damn! I am tired just reading about your schedule and I am not living it! And the Tough Mudder? Are you just crazy?

    1. Sadly Jules, yes, I have officially lost my mind. Please pray for its safe return. And thanks for reading!!


  2. I thought sleep deprivation only lasted until the kids got a bit older...

    1. This is self-inflicted Marc. My own fault. The kids get plenty of sleep. Hell, they get more sleep than I do. In my next life I want to come back as either one of my pets or one of my kids. They get a ton of sleep.


  3. I think we might be living in parallel universes. Your week sounds a whole lot like my week...which includes multiple volleyball games (all day play both Sat & Sun), a 5-k and cancer benefit AND my 11 year old's birthday party!! WTF was I thinking? Stop on over to my padded room when you have time at http://graceful-disaster.blogspot.com/

  4. Thanks Giggles! I checkout your blog and am now subscribed! VERY similar backgrounds (and kids!)

    Thanks for stopping by!


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