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Friday, September 28, 2012

Crazy Busy Weekend!

Homecoming weekend. Here it is, at long last. 15 is lucky to have made it all week without missing the bus once. We picked up her dress last night and got a bitchin' pair of heels and an adorable little clutch to go with the heels. In these heels she's officially 'an assload' taller than I am. I promise an update tomorrow night when I get the pictures of her all dressed up and ready to go.

In the mean time, tonight is the Homecoming football game. And since 15 is in the band, she's performing during the game. And since the band boosters run the concession stand, and I'm a band booster, I'll be slinging nachos and cheese, hotdogs and popcorn all evening. It's a fantastic program where we earn money for the band and some of the proceeds that the concession stand earns goes into an account for each child of a parent who volunteers to work the stand. I try to sign up and work concessions whenever I am free (no volleyball, no late evening practices, etc) and last year I did end up with a halfway decent amount in 15's account which helped offset the cost of her stay at band camp this summer (stop now. No American Pie jokes. This is my daughter we're talking about. And besides, she doesn't even play the flute).

Anyway I digress (you see that happening a lot with me, don't you?). I'll be working concessions while 15 is out marching and playing.  The stand is actually a lot of fun. One of my favorite people to work with is Keith Stone, who is so smooth. She knows who she is.  But getting back to the band, this band is fantastic. I mean truly a talented and amazing group of kids. I'm so pleased to be associated with them. They were even invited to march in the annual Cherry Blossom Festival parade in Washington, DC this coming April. They are only one of a handful of bands from across the country  invited to march in this parade so we're all pretty freaking stoked.

So that's tonight.

Tomorrow 15's got a cross country meet and we've got our community yard sale. Perfect excuse to dig out all the shit we've got piled up in the basement and sell it to some poor unsuspecting schmuck  sweet, kind folks. Better in their basement than mine. Then I'm getting a haircut at 1:00. THEN we've got a chicken barbeque dinner to benefit our University's womens basketball team. We love those girls and they have been so sweet and kind to my daughters that we like to try to help them out whenever we can.

After we eat our bbq, it's time to get 15 ready for Homecoming, which means she gets her shower, puts on her pretty $29.99 dress that cost me $127 (don't forget the shoes and the clutch!!) and she gets to go to her dance because she did NOT miss the bus this week.

Now we move on to Sunday after a good night's sleep on Saturday night. Sunday the girls have RE (religious education for you non-church-goers). Don't feel left out, I'm not a church-goer myself but sometimes you do what will please the grandparents AND appease the children. THEN I'm going for a nice run with my friend Shrek. I am her Donkey. It's a win-win. Shrek and Donkey jogging along. No better way to spend a Sunday morning.

Sunday afternoon we've got basket bingo, once again to benefit those awesome women who play basketball for our University. Sunday evening will be topped off with a youth mass and pot luck dinner for all the kids who are planning to make their confirmation (15 & 12 are included in that lot). Sunday, after I get home, kick off my shoes and sit on the couch, I plan on popping open a nice bottle of red and maybe trying to get to the bottom of it.

I've told you about my weekend plans. Now, what have YOU got going on this weekend? Last weekend of yard work? Golfing? Bowling? Are YOU yard-sale-ing? Wanna come to my house and buy my junk awesome stuff??


  1. Wow.... sounds like a nice calm relaxing weekend! My weekend is busy, but not even close to that. Pure craziness....

    I have pick up spawn, then the other spawn, dinner with her grandparents, they are staying the night with them, off to drinks with my girlfriends, which means water since i have given up booze for a while.

    Tomorrow, crossfit, haul ass home to shower, pick up both spawns, go to girl spawns soccer game, then home to fall clean so i have more room for new stuff and hopefully an evening run.

    Sunday, crossfit, haul ass home to shower, I like to rush obviously, then girl spawn has five hours of softball, but in the middle of that, boy spawn has two hours in a neighboring town, run him over, watch his, come back finish hers, and hopefuly be left alone for hte rest of the day!

    1. Yeah, just a calm, easy, relaxing, do-nothing kinda weekend. Sounds like you're relaxing like I am, Jules. Good luck with doing the two places at once thing. If you get a handle on that, please let me know what your secret is. I'm willing to pay top dollar for that! Like, $1.96 (all I could dig out of the sofa cushions).

      Thanks for reading!

  2. That is one crazy weekend you have planned. You are going to need a weekend from your weekend!

  3. Your weekend sounds like ours - only busier!!!

    And I did go to Band Camp. And play flute. And meet my husband there......when I was 15.

    I can't wait to see the pics! We had a run this morning, state ball - eliminated by 12:30, Costco. Dinner and a walk tonight. 5-6 miles tomorrow early am, Mass, then hopefully something fun like pumpkin patch. And since hubby bought The Avengers, I'm sure we'll be watching a flick sometime. And definitely having some beverages!

    Have a great day!!!!! Love your blog!!!!!


    1. Thanks Joy! Sounds like we could both use a day off!!

      Doing 5 or 6 tomorrow morning. I'll be thinking of you as I'm running.


  4. Sometimes I really enjoy those busy weekends! Mine has been good so far. Fell asleep around 7 PM last night and woke up around 7:00 AM today! Got the girls off for their trip to the zoo with their Sunday school class and then did the grocery shopping. Got home and cleaned a bit, surfed the web and found your blog and now I don't know what I'm going to do next :) We will have church in the AM where one of the boys will play piano on a couple of songs (excited about that!) and then one of the girls cheers for youth football in the afternoon. SO glad 15 got her stuff together this week and was able to enjoy the dance! Good for her!!

    1. 12 hours sleep?!?! Color me jealous!!

      Hope you enjoy your Sunday!



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