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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A Beautiful Mudder!

The lovely and talented Jules over at My Mom's A Whackjob has bestowed upon me the Laine Blogger Award for Beauty. Here are the rules for this award:

1. Answer the 5 questions below (same ones that I've answered)
2. Pass the award on to 5 other beautiful bloggers

1. What is your current beauty obsession?

LOL I'm fairly (read: TOTALLY) low maintenance. I rarely leave the house WITH makeup on. 
Shit I'm lucky I leave the house with my shoes on. So I can't truly call anything an obsession.
I will say that when I do my makeup, I'm digging Mary Kay's Beach Blond Cream Eye Shadow.  It goes on smooth and compliments any other shade of eye shadow that I wear (which, again, doesn't happen very often). I'd say that Beauti Control's Brown Sugar body lotion is another 'obsession'. Makes me smell like cake. I love cake.

2. What is the one beauty item you wish you owned?

Nicer hair so that when I DO actually spend time on it, it looks decent. And when I don't spend
any time on it, it doesn't look like ass. OR, I wish I actually had my own hair stylist, one who 
could come out of thin air when I get out of the shower, do my hair, then go back to wherever
they came from, and then come back the next morning, etc. Because I've had this hair for 45 years and for 45 of those years, I have had absolutely NO idea how to make it look nice. 

3. What is your favorite topic to read about?

I love scary stuff, dark stuff, mysterious stuff and funny stuff. Give me a good (OLD) Stephen King book, early Patricia Cornwell, Gillian Flynn (Just finished reading Gone Girl and LOVED it) and some Janet Evanovich, any and all Janet Evanovich, and I'm the happiest of campers. I've also found some amazing blogs out there, written by women going through exactly the same issues that I am. I had NO idea there were so many of us in this crazy sisterhood of bloggers. It's just really nice to know I'm not alone.

4. What inspired you to become a blogger?

My close friends have always told me how funny I am. I'm a fat girl, fat girls have to try harder, so I suppose with the fat comes the funny. Either way, I do love to see people laugh, so if I can make my close friends laugh, I'm sure there are others that I could make laugh without actually standing up in front of a crowd and having people throw rotten fruit at me if I'm NOT making them laugh. Plus I've got plenty of material to pull from because of my crazy amazing family. My girls' school bus adventures make for great FB fodder every morning. I'm toying with the idea of  putting their daily 'Did they make it? Did they miss it?' on the blog and see if anyone I DON'T know really cares. If you DO care, see my FB page. I put a song up every day based on whether or not they make the bus. I'm fairly certain that somewhere in Vegas, in some rinky dink little off the strip casino, there are oddsmakers shaking down gamblers over whether or not 15 and 12 make their bus each day. 

5. What nail polish are you wearing now?

Since I just ran a Tough Mudder last weekend, I cut all my nails and took off all my nail polish. Can't be pretty when you're running a 10 mile run through mud with deathly obstacles. So I don't always wear nail polish, but when I do, my current fave is Opi's Plugged In Plum.

And now it's my pleasure to pass this along to five beautiful bloggers. Please visit them when you have time:


  1. 1. My wife's eyes.
    2. The ab-ripper 9000.
    3. Science fiction/fantasy of course.
    4. To give my wife a break from all my self-righteous complaining.
    5. Star Trek Command Gold


    1. Major points for answer #1, Marc. #4 is clever but I want a pic of #5.



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