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Friday, June 19, 2015

BlogU15, Gift Cards and Charity...

Happy Friday, Snarklings. I'm so excited to let you know that I survived BlogU15 and came home with a brainful of knowledge that I will probably sit on until I have some free time to put all that knowledge to use. For example, I took a class on SEO that sorta made sense to me and I will attempt to use what I learned. If I can remember. That was taught by the always hot and sexy Lynn Morrison of The Nomad Mom Diary.

I also took a Pinterest class taught by the amazing Anna Luther of My Life & Kids. I learned about Rich Pins and putting descriptions on all of your pins and using images instead of just text. And then my brain exploded.

Once I was able to pick up all the pieces, I partied like it was 1980 (my middle school years) at the NickMom MiddleSchoolAwkward Dance Party. TREMENDOUS fun was had by all and as much as I'd like to say that I danced my ass off, sadly, when I woke up Sunday morning, it was still there.

Slow dancing with Alyson of The Shitastrophy

I had the pleasure of recreating one of my very favorite photos from the previous year's blogging conference with my sexy girlfriend Kerry Rossow of House TalkN. 

It was an absolute blast to get to meet new friends and hang out with old friends. Plus the always amazing Joy from Evil Joy Speaks spent Sunday at my house! We went for a run together on Monday and had an obscene amount of fun as roomies.

You can read about last year's BlogU14 recap here!

One REALLY cool thing I'd like to mention is that Giant Foods generously donated a swag bag filled with all sorts of yummy foods to all the attendees who stayed in the dorms at the university. Also in those bags were $20 Gift Cards which could be used at any Giant, Martins, Pea Pod or Stop & Shop. Now, Giant is a regional supermarket in my corner of the states but it's not nationwide. The attendees of BlogU15 WERE from all parts of the country and even the world!

This means that some of those $20 Gift Cards would go to waste. And you know I'm not having any of that nonsense. So I contacted many of our BlogU15 attendees who do not have any of those grocery stores where they live and offered to collect them to donate to charity. I'm pleased to say that right now, at least a dozen of those awesome and generous bloggers have come through and are right now as we speak sending me their unused gift cards.

I'll be donating them to my friend Siobhan who works at the Catholic Charities in Martinsburg, WV. In her words this is Catholic Charities:

....a non profit social service organization. (No, one need not be Catholic - or any religion, for that matter, to receive services and there is no proselytizing either.) We provide emergency assistance for people who are about to lose electric, gas, housing, etc who are already living well below the federal poverty guidelines, which is about $24,300 for a family of 4 to give you an idea of how many are living. We also, as you know, have a personal care closet - again for those who can't afford the basics and are struggling. In conjunction, we offer case management and programs for those who come in need. Our goal is to provide the resources to help those in need work towards a better life, without having to rely so much on others. The gift cards would be wonderful because we are updating our personal care closet guidelines beginning July 1, we will begin to automatically distribute toothbrushes and toothpaste to clients who need to access the closet. There's a limit to how many items they can request and can access twice a year. But dental hygiene is so very important as a health issue, so being able to keep these items well stocked is imperative. The other thing they would be awesome for is this: as clients move through case management and learn how to better themselves. For example being able to provide a small gift card to a single parent, trying to raise children, work and make ends meet on minimum wage can make a tremendous difference!! 

 We are not a shelter, but we work closely with the existing ones. We provide a place for those in need to take a shower/do laundry. The cards could also help pay for prescriptions at Martin's, which is a challenge for some of our older clients. So many great things could be done.
Here's what I'm hoping may happen. The folks at Giant were kind enough to donate these gift cards, and for each gift card that is donated to Catholic Charities, I'd be THRILLED if Giant would match the donation. So right now I've got 12 gift cards coming my way to give to Catholic Charities. That's $240. How awesome would it be for Giant to match that $240 so that Catholic Charities could receive $480? No pressure, Giant folks, I know you were awesome enough to donate all those gift cards and all the yummy treats to the swag bags, but $480 would go a lot farther than $240. Just saying.

And just so you all know, I was not paid or compensated at all to write this post. I just want to say how awesome my fellow bloggers are for donating the cards they cannot use to this awesome organization, and how even more fantastic it would be to see Giant match these donations.

EDIT: Here's where I tell you that it PAYS TO ASK!!!! Giant has been in touch with me and they are offering $260 in additional gift cards to bring the total donated from the BlogU15 gift bags to $500!!!! THANK YOU GIANT for your generosity. The folks at Catholic Charities are very grateful to you and to the other bloggers who are donating their gift cards!

Monday, June 15, 2015

9 Things NOT to do at a Concert

Here are 9 rules to follow the next time you go to a rock concert (or country, or rap, whatever shit you listen to on the daily). Trust me on this. I’m almost 48 and have been to about a million concerts and have seen behavior that would make Pope Francis want to throw a punch.

    1.  Don’t get piss-eyed, falling-down drunk. I went to the Eagles Hell Freezes Over tour back in the nineties and there was a woman so drunk she threw up on the people in front of her and had to be carried out in the middle of the second song on the playlist. I don’t know about you but when I spend over $300 on concert tickets, I don’t want to get thrown up on, and I certainly don’t want to get so shit-faced drunk that I have to leave the show.

    2.    Don’t be an asshole to those around you. If you don’t like the opening act, don’t verbally abuse the singer (here’s a hint: you don’t have a mic, they can’t hear you complaining). Know who CAN hear your bitching? The folks sitting in front of you. Maybe they LIKE that opening act. Keep your negativity to yourself.

    3.     Don’t buy the pirate merchandise outside the theater. Don’t be a cheapskate. Pony up the $40 for an authorized and genuine concert t-shirt. My friend Karen and I went to see Def Leppard during the Hysteria tour in 1988 but I was too cheap to buy the official merchandise and instead bought a pirated t-shirt from some dude in the parking lot. It had an extra sleeve and it was from the Pyromania tour from 1983. Lesson learned. And if I ever grow an extra arm, that shirt will FINALLY be cool.

    4.    Don’t scream through the whole fucking show. Just don’t. You’re not 12, dude.  Screaming’s for 12 year old One Direction fans, not 40-something chicks who like their hearing. Trust me. Scream when your band comes on, then scream before the encore. But for crying out loud, not during the whole show. Some of us want to be able to actually HEAR what’s going on onstage.

    5.   DO. NOT. RUSH THE STAGE. Seriously, if you bought a ticket, that seat is YOURS. Do NOT try to squeeze your ass into my row. There is nothing that pisses me off more at a concert than some douchebag with a seat in row 19 coming up and trying to push me out of the way when I actually bought a front row seat. Just don’t do it. It’s cases like that where it should be legal to stab someone in the neck with a pencil. And I always bring pencils with me to concerts….just in case.

    6.    Don’t give me a contact high. I bought my ticket with my goddamn hard-earned money and the last thing I need is to get high off your smoke. It’s not cool. Do it in the parking lot before the show. But just know that if you do it anywhere near me, whether it’s pot, tobacco or crack, I will totally pour my beer on your joint, cigarette or pipe. Trust me on this. Nobody wants to smell like your smoke. And I really hate wasting my beer.

    7.    Don’t try to get on stage. It’s embarrassing. And if you get your ass thrown out, your friends will feel obligated to make sure you are okay, and that means they will probably leave the show early. If they do, then make no mistake, they are well within their rights to kick you in your stupid ass for being a dick. Do yourself and all your friends a favor and just stay put, okay?

    8.   Don’t fart. Just don’t. It makes everyone around you miserable. I don’t know which is worse, smelling a fart or smelling a cigarette while I’m trying to enjoy my jams.  You concert farters know who you are, don’t try to pretend it was the guy in front of you, own your smelly ass. Leave the seat, go into the aisle, do your thing and come back. Because damn.

     9.    I know this is probably a bit hypocritical, but don’t start a fight. Yes, I’ve been threatening in this post, I’ve come down pretty hard on the offenders, but trust me on this: I have been kicked out of a concert for laying hands on someone.  Ok it was a Dan Band concert but still, we were right at the stage and I did something dumb and had to eat the cost of the ticket. So keep your hands to yourself. 

I'm sure there are a ton of other offending actions one can do when at a concert, but these are the 9 that spring to mind, that piss me off and that I will call you out on for doing. You have been warned. 

Wednesday, June 3, 2015


So remember last year when I attended the blogging conference in Baltimore? BlogU14? Remember I was tweeting and Facebooking about it ad nauseam, trying to win back my registration? And I won?? Remember?? Sure you do.

How could you possibly forget the fact that I got stuck in my Retro Prom Gown???

Well I'm going back again! BLOGU15!! This year I'm on staff. I love this conference so much and can't wait to go back and do it again! The friendships that I made continue to this day, and the blogging connections have helped me to have so much more success than I ever dreamed I could have as a blogger.

I've written for sites like Mamalode, In The Powder Room and HuffingtonFREAKINGPost!!! Never would've happened had I not attended BlogU14 last year. So yeah, I'm going back for more this year. I hope to learn what the hell metrics are, how to understand SEO, what the hell I'm doing on Pinterest and how to become more comfortable during live appearances.

I spoke before our local Rotary Club yesterday and was so nervous I almost threw up the free breakfast they provided. So yeah, I may need help.

Of course there will be some down time in addition to all the learnin' that'll be happening. The party Saturday night sponsored by NickMom will be #MiddleSchoolAwkward! There will be lots and lots of pictures coming after this weekend so stay tuned....

Friday, May 29, 2015

Warning: Emotional Train-wreck Ahead

It's been awhile since I've been here and I hope you'll excuse my absence. Shit's been crazy!

I'm warning you right now, I am an emotional wreck. A veritable train-wreck of tears. Seriously, I'm done. I'm sure it's not withdrawal from the antidepressants because I stopped those in early February. No, my friends, I think this is pure Snarkfest emotion from the heart. Shut up, I have a heart!

We lost my Father in law a little over month ago. It was sudden and completely unexpected.

I went back to Jersey to visit with my mom the weekend after Dad's funeral because it'd been way too long and life is too precious not to spend time with those we love. You just never know when your last visit will truly be the last time you see someone.  So I spent the weekend watching the Phillies lose and hugging my mom. That was last month. Yesterday she fell in her apartment building and broke her arm. My heart aches that I can't be with her but with graduation tomorrow there's no way I can drive to Jersey. Thank God for my brother.

As the school year draws to a close, we have end of year banquets, concerts, parties and ultimately, 17's graduation. Yeah, THAT'S not had me in tears. Nope, not me. I've been a emotionless rock. Stoic, solid and.......who the hell am I kidding? I've been crying since December. I'm crying now. I'll be crying until the cows come home.

Do they still say that? Is that still a saying or am I really showing my age?

Whatever, it doesn't matter.  My point is, this is a rough time of year. You know how things change? How quickly we are thrown off course and we struggle to keep ourselves up right, on the right path after a monkey wrench is thrown into the mix? I've been feeling that way lately. Sad at how things don't stay exactly as we want them to. For example, 17 isn't my baby anymore. She's graduating high school tomorrow, and she will be leaving for WVU in the fall. 15 just got her permit to drive, so she's no longer my baby either. And friendships that you think will last, don't.

Life keeps moving. That's the lesson my kids are learning this month. Like Ferris said, life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it. Enjoy the time you have with your friends and your family. As morbid or maudlin as this sounds, you never know when it'll be your last time with them. So hug your kids, your parents, your friends, even crazy old Aunt Sally. In not too long a time, they will be gone, whether it's off to college, off to a new job or worst case scenario, gone from your life for good.

Yeah, I'm just a big old all of sunshine today, right? Well, I did warn you with the title of this post. But don't worry about me. I promise I will be out of this funk and back to bitching about stupid people soon enough. For now, I'm going to go home and hug my kids and my dogs and get my  house cleaned up for the graduation tomorrow. Send Kleenex. And wine.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Another Giveaway! Seriously.

Another giveaway? YES! I was compensated for this post but YOU get the prize!! Warner Brothers has some cool new videos to show you and they want to give you the chance at winning one of 5 mystery toy gift baskets, each worth at least $50!

First, check out these great new videos from DCKids and Warner Bros' new You-Tube channels. There will be a ton of updates over the next few months so be sure to subscribe to their channels using the following links:




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Enter today then go over to the You-Tube and watch some cool videos.

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I was compensated for this post but the opinions expressed are all my own. So there.

Friday, May 22, 2015

I wanna be YOUR brand ambassador, you chocolate makers!

Hey Godiva! Listen up because I'm only going to say this about 337,234 times: I LOVE YOUR PRODUCT! Seriously, I don't just 'enjoy a bite' every now and again. I want to immerse myself in your deluxe chocolately goodness. I wanna surround myself with your golden ballotins and swim in your velvety caramels. Seriously, I love your stuff. If you're not listening, let me try Hershey's.

Hey, Hershey's! Did you hear me? I LOVE CHOCOLATE and I'm not afraid to beg for it. I'm looking for brands to promote and you won't go wrong by offering me tons and tons of free product. I promise! There are literally tens of readers of mine who would enjoy seeing me covered in your Special Dark wrappers, or diving into a pool of your Hershey's Chocolate Syrup. Come on, don't make me beg! I'll kiss you for Kisses.

Hey, Cadbury! I've loved your eggs since birth. As a teenager I got through every monthly cycle with the assistance of Pamprin and your Dairy Milk Chocolate bars. Seriously, without that creamy brown goodness, many deaths would've occurred. So how about it? Offer me the chance to be your brand ambassador and you won't be sorry.

I'm looking at you, Ghiardelli. Don't think I'm not above begging you folks for samples of your yummy square brown goodness. Because I'm not. So seriously, call me!

Sure, I'll break out in pre-menopausal acne, possibly gain 79 pounds and have to buy a whole new wardrobe, but then I can ask Lane Bryant to be THEIR brand ambassador. Totally a win-win!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Win a Blue-Ray/DVD combo pack copy of American Sniper!!


Alicia Taylor and Shay Trashay are the lucky winners of the Blue-Ray/DVD copies thanks to Random.org!!

Ladies see the replies to your comments below and email me at terib19 @ gmail dot com (put that all together) with your mailing addresses!! Congrats!!

Now don't forget, if you didn't win, you can still purchase your copy of American Sniper, and Warner Bros will donate $1 of every DVD sold to the Wounded Warrior Project! Thanks everyone!


Hey Snarklings, I'm teaming up with Grace Hill Media to giveaway 2 copies of the movie American Sniper, released TODAY!! Check out this extra from the film:

 I've got 2 Blue-Ray/DVD copies of American Sniper to give to two lucky Snarklings!! Here's all you have to do. Leave me a comment below telling me what your favorite movie is. That's it! Could be a comedy, drama, romance, war movie, cartoon, (no porn please) whatever your favorite movie is, tell me in the comments. And on Friday I will announce the 2 lucky winners!!

Here's the really COOL part: Warner Brothers is donating $1 of every copy of American Sniper sold to the Wounded Warrior Project. I've done 2 Tough Mudders and am proud to promote this fantastic organization.

So go ahead, leave me a comment with your favorite movie and you could win one of  two copies of the film!

If for some reason you are having trouble commenting with your name and email and it shows up as "Anonymous" make sure you leave your name IN THE COMMENT so I can count you!!