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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Please Promote Snarkfest to FB and Twitter!

Shamelessly asking for any and all of my friends and followers to please go to https://www.facebook.com/bloggeridol and write on their wall that Snarkfest needs, no, craves that 1st Runner Up prize of a Ghirardelli chocolate basket. Please go show Snarkfest some love by posting on their wall that I deserve to be in the top 13.

If you Tweet, you can also go to Twitter and Tweet @BloggerIdol and tell them that Snarkfest would be more than happy to take that Ghirardelli basket off their hands. I'm not asking to go all the way, just first runner up. 

If you folks enjoy reading Snarkfest, and I win first runner up, I would be HAPPY to share my basket with you!


  1. I voted for you. And for me. And for you again. I think its adorable. My kids are voting for me.....How stinking cute is that. Using Facebook to pimp their mama.

  2. LOL Thanks Stef! You've got my vote as well! Love it when my kids are pimping too.



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