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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Tap Dancing Tuesday (cats optional)

So I was doing a Google search this morning for 'tap dancing cats'. Why? You don't wanna know. But what I found wasn't tap dancing cats, it was 'Funny Cats in Water, Epic'. It is, indeed, 'epic'. Here's a little something to brighten up your Tuesday.

                                                      Video courtesy of YouTube

Ok wet kitties aside (no dirty jokes please) upon further investigation I found the 'World's Most Patient Cat'. I believe that as far as patient cats go, this one definitely corners the market. If this were my Dumbass, that dog would be bound and gagged in a dumpster somewhere.

                                                        Video courtesy of YouTube

And in a final clip, we see the hideous, deadly beast playing with his prey. What? Behind the bunny?

Yet another video courtesy of YouTube

Look at the bone structure! It's got teeth like this! Go on, insert your own Holy Grail quotes. I love them.

So that's it for today. No Tuesday Tirade, instead I opted to give you cute and fuzzy kitties and bunnies. You're welcome.


  1. Cats.

    Is there nothing they can't/won't do?

    Funny stuff. :)

  2. I could waste hours watching animal videos.

  3. Love me some cats...except my own, whose piss smells all over the house even though he always makes it into the litterbox. But dammit...I just lied because I really do love him, too. Even with the piss smell. :)

  4. I love these videos! :) I have 8 cats of my own, and 2 dogs, and they all get along :) Thank you for these!

    P.s. I've followed your blog from the TGIF blog hop! I would love if you came over to my blog and did the same :) PolishManiacs.x10.mx , Thank you! :)


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