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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Squirrely Blogger Award! For me!?

The beautiful, funny, talented and amazing Jenn from My Daily Jenn-isms thinks I'm Squirrely. Don't worry, I'm sure that's a good thing. (I think). I don't actually know what it means, but who am I to look a gift squirrel in the mouth? Don't they carry rabies or squirrel pox or chow mein flu?

Anyway, I digress, thanks to Jenn for this most auspicious award, and without further ado, I am supposed to list 10 squirrely facts about myself. SO here goes:

1. I could eat cereal for breakfast, lunch and fooking dinner. I love cereal, and my husband once called me, and I quote: "A cereal-eating bitch." This after I finished off a box of Corn Pops that he'd had his eye on.

2. I used to never want to drink wine. Then I had a bottle of Kenwood Cabernet on a trip to the Poconos with my husband and it was gooooooood. THEN I was a wine snob, turning up my nose at any wine that had a screw top. Until I tried Coriole, which was GOOOOOOOD and I love it EVEN THOUGH it has a screw top. You live and learn.

3. I used to be meticulous about paying bills and balancing my checkbook. Then I had children. Now I'm lucky if I can even FIND my checkbook. And if it balances, it's only through divine intervention. Bills get paid when they get paid. Take THAT Citibank!

4. I miss seeing my mom, only living 20 minutes away from her. Now I live 4 hours away and I hate being so far from her.

5. I still hold out hope that the Phillies will SOMEHOW turn it around in the last 48 games and win them all to make it to the post season. Ever the optimist, so shoot me.

6. Because I AM a glutton for punishment, I'm doing another Tough Mudder. This time it'll be the week after I run the Freedoms Run here in town. And yes, I do have rocks in my head.

7. One of the first things my husband ever said to me was 'My colostomy bag must've leaked'. And I cracked up and fell in love with him at that very second.

8. If you're wondering about number 7, he didn't REALLY have a colostomy bag.

9.  I hate coming up with Squirrely facts about myself.

10. I love making other people squirm, so here are my choices for the Squirrely Blogger Award. Have fun! And go check these folks out, tell 'em Snarky sent ya.

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  1. Well, thanks! Now I need to figure out what about me could be considered squirrely... =D

    - Joules, Pocketful of Joules

    1. Doesn't have to be squirrely, could be rabbity or hamstery too.

  2. Colostomy bag?? Great line, lol... He's not a Jersey boy, is he?? lol Love it, Jersey!! I'll be in the "wood" this weekend... Wish you were there!! xoxo

  3. Sweet! I'm doing the squirrel squirm!

    GO GIRL! Tough Mudder! You are my hero! I want to do that one!!! It's on my bucket list!

  4. Screw tops are actually better. The new standard in Australia is all screw tops, nery a cork to be found... or corked bottle of wine either.
    And why the colostomy bag joke pray tell, did he drop his guts by accident?

    1. He went to pull money out of his pocket, one of his bills was discolored (brown). He had me at 'colostomy'.

  5. Mmmmmm cereal... who decided that dinner had to be HOT anyway. Let them eat cereal! I'd be perfectly happy.

    I love your squirrely facts, and you don't even have prehensil toes like I do (at least not that you're admitting)!!

    Thanks for the award lady, I've now been squirrely twice in one week. How about that? Of course, my last name is a nut, it makes sense! :-)

  6. When being compared to a rodent, there are worse things than being squirrely. Being a rat. A skunk. Bat-shit crazy. See?

  7. Squirrely and just a little bit nuts! Congrats!

  8. This is the most apt award I have ever received...and I thank ye for it. :)

  9. Squirrel. It's what's for dinner.

    Ha! Thank you, I am, uh, honored!

  10. Yay! Thanks, man! It's been awhile since I got an award- I was starting to feel like a loser. :p


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