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Monday, August 12, 2013

Customer service, it's key!!

Who's got a post over at The Epistolarians today? Guess! Did you guess ME? Then you'd be right. I've worked in customer service all of my life and I've seen things that would make you laugh, cry, cringe, scream, yell, whisper and have witness jaw dropping acts, both good and bad. Wanna know more? Have a look.


  1. I did a stint as cashier at a farmy store, and yes, the stories are all there too. For some laughs I read "notalwaysright.com" to see the times the worker gets one over on the customer. I'm a little twisted huh. :D Keep on giving good smiles to the workers - never hurts, might help!

  2. Hello Snarky, thanks for the article. As customer service people have to deal with general people and people seek for service generally when they get a problem, So very often situation won't be good. However, if you can solve the problem the way s/he want, that's the only way you can make him/her happy. Whatever, the case we have to deal with as we are responsible for that.

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  3. You are right Snarky. It would be better for anyone if s/he can enjoy dealing all those events & can forget the bad events. I myself like these. So I am happy.....

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