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Thursday, August 15, 2013

LeanMoms: The final post

About 9 weeks ago, I posted about starting a new program to lose weight and tone up. It's a wonderful program called LeanMoms.com. The first few weeks I was on it, I was full after my meals and did have a bunch of energy. But the true fact of the matter is this: I am a runner. Do I look like a runner in my 'before' pics? No, I do not. But I don't care. I'm a runner, and runners need carbs. The LeanMoms program is chock full of lean proteins, lean meats, protein shakes, egg whites, cottage cheese and spinach, but very few carbs. Lacy and Jill are absolutely WONDERFUL and tremendously helpful! When I posted on the LeanMoms Facebook Community page that I had just finished a 6 mile run, Lacy followed up my post with a concern about how the program is set up more for short spurts of cardio to go along with the weight training (it's called HIIT) and not really meant for longer distance running.

I totally respect that, and for some, this is a great plan. Unfortunately, for me, I was not getting enough carbs in my daily intake to fuel my body for running, and running is my thing. The weight training plan is PHENOMENAL and I would highly recommend this plan to anyone and everyone who is interested in losing weight via the high protein/low carb method. But it just didn't work for me. I am confessing right now that I slowly drifted away from the plan after about the 6th or 7th week and have been putting more carbs back in my diet and refueling my body for running. Have I lost a ton? No. But I am seeing a change in the way my clothes are fitting me, and for me, that's enough right now.

There will be more updates as I continue on my journey to see single digit sized clothing back on my body. For now, I want to thank Lacy Arnold and Jill Kaufusi from LeanMoms.com for being so generous in offering me the program for 12 weeks for free, for helping me out with the 852 questions I asked, for providing outstanding client service and for always being on top of things on their Facebook Community. This is not a plan to try to sell you a quick fix, it's a great plan with fantastic people behind it. And I thank them for the opportunity to try it.


  1. You'll get there, girl! Feelin' good about yourself and stayin' healthy is where it's at -- single digits or double!!
    Keep running and fueling responsibly (mostly)...it'll happen!!

  2. At least you've been honest with where you're at. Healthy eating, exercise and determination to reach your goals will get you there and Rome wasn't built in a day. So, as long as you don't expect to lose weight overnight, everything will work out in time.

  3. I'm a runner, too! In fact, I'm heading out in just a few minutes to run a 10K with some friends! Also--you really knocked this post out of the park. I've never seen such an honest review that was still so kind and encouraging for people who this plan would work for. I know the plan doesn't work for you, but you made sure to tell how it would work for others and how great the support system is that comes with it. Really awesome job, Teri!

    1. Thanks Shay. They offered it to me to try for free, and I do know that it IS a fantastic plan, just not for everyone. Things like ONLY drinking shakes for breakfast and lunch, those are unrealistic. NO ONE eats like that for life. This plan is something you CAN follow, it just wasn't for me. I wanted to be truthful. I appreciate your kind words.


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