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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Why Boomer Esiason needs to be slapped...

Seriously, Boomer Esiason? Are you kidding with the comments you made on your radio show?

I watched the Today Show this morning and saw the beautiful Tamron Hall do a segment from the Orange Room on how Mets 2nd baseman Daniel Murphy decided to skip the season opener in favor of being at his wife's bedside for the birth of their first baby. Boomer Esiason had something to say about that on his radio show.  Are you ready for what Boomer said Murphy should've done? Boomer said Murphy "should have made his wife have a C-section before the season started to make sure he was available" to play. The Mets opening day was Monday, and Murphy chose to take Paternity Leave, which is allowed in a deal made with the MLB Players Union. Really Boomer? You would've made your wife have a C-section? What if she got pregnant later in the year and the baby was due in, say, July? What then, Boomer? Schedule the C-section for the beginning of the season and have a baby born 3 months premature because it worked out better for your schedule? You stupid dumbass shit-for-brains.

                                                           Video courtesy of YouTube.

My thinking is, Boomer may have taken one too many hits to the old noggin when he was still playing football, because this is the dumbest thing I believe I've ever heard. It's like he's a goddamn cavemen.

"Me bonk her on head, make doctor take baby, me go play game."

Assbag. What do you think? Do you think Daniel Murphy did the right thing? Or are you an assbag who thinks that the game comes before the birth of your first child?


  1. I have 4 kids. Three of them I helped to create through the Good Old Fashioned Horizontal Hula Method - the other one chose me to be her Daddy. I was lucky enough to witness two of them enter this world - two of the most rewarding moments of my life.

    Except watching two lives that I took part in creating taking their first breaths interfered with fishing trips I had planned for those days. I'll schedule my next kid's delivery time when it's more convenient for me. And less convenient for the fish. <---sarc btw

    Boomer is a Taint Stain On the Pampers of Life.

  2. 1. I thought Boomer said what HE personally would have done is the c'section prior to season opener. Either way, baseball before babies = not an attractive trait for a mate.
    2. The fact that the public thinks it's a bummer for a baseball player to not share his return date is just weird. I am all baseball Mom - and I'm not thinking it's anyone's business but the wife and boss to know when he's returning. John Q Public needs to stop this entitlement of knowing what pro athletes do every second of the day. It's just pathetic.
    3. Good for Murphy to put wife/kid before opening day. As for the rest of the week, that's his call, and society needs to butt out.
    yes. Boomer is an asshat, but thankfully he's not coming to my home at the end of the day.

    1. I agree, Jolie, that it is his and his wife's decision and it shouldn't have any effect on anyone else. I applaud his decision to be with his wife, because IMHO it proves that he cares more about family than baseball. Trust me, I'm a HUGE baseball fan but I totally understand family before baseball. Or family before ANY sport, honestly!

  3. There are so many reasons Boomer Esiason should by slapped.

  4. And we wonder why there are so many broken marriages amongst sports figures? I certainly hope it's not because they all think like this!!

  5. Yeah, that was a douchebag comment by Boomer. Mr Murphy made the correct decision to be with his wife.

    Also, being that it's the Mets it's no big loss if he doesn't play. Maybe he's better off being away from them. :-)

  6. Totally agree with Mr. Murphy's decision. Boomer needs to get a priority check because Family should always come before the dollar gods, cause at the end of the day, the family will be with you longer than any career around.

  7. This is what comes from putting monosyllabic cretins in front of a camera/microphone. I, for one, am not surprised when these knuckle draggers say something completely in line with their personality. However,I am surprised he hasn't been caught throwing poop at the camera...yet. ; )

  8. The corporate culture of business over everything else ion this country sickens me. I spent three years in Spain and people were just so much... happier, more alive over there.

    I'd like to see him slapped with a giant, inflatable, pink penis on national TV.


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