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Thursday, April 17, 2014

BlogU Conference 2014...

Many of you may see my daily Tweets and FB posts about the upcoming BlogU Conference I'm attending in June and you may say to yourself: "Self, what the hell is she doing? Why is she posting about this shit every stinking day?" Well, first, if I may, you need to stop talking to yourself. People will worry about you and make you check into a 'facility' to get you some help.

Secondly, and more importantly, I'm doing it because I like money. "But Snarky" you might say to yourself, "how does posting about BlogU Conference make you money??" Again with the talking to yourself? Really?

I'll tell you, Mr. Noseypants, it's because the awesome chicks who are putting this conference together are offering a refund on the cost of registration to one lucky Conference attendee. It's a Rafflecopter contest, one of those that you can go back and enter every day (provided you remember). And the more times I enter, naturally, the better my chances are of winning back my $300 clams.

I'm increasing my chances JUST but writing this blog. What do you think of that? Pretty cool, huh?

I stole this from Facebook. So sue me. I may have an extra $300 if I win.

So to all of you who say to yourself "Geez, I'm sick of seeing her post and tweet about this stupid conference!" let me just say two things. First, STOP TALKING TO YOURSELF, YOU LOOK CRAZY!! And second, if you don't want to read it, skip over it. I'm not jamming it down your throat. It's once a day. I post a bunch of other crap and nobody says boo. It's only for another month and a half. Then you'll probably get sick to death of hearing about how much fun I had at the conference and how much I bought with my $300 prize money!


  1. Go, Teri, go! I'm totally rooting for you!

  2. Go for it Teri!

    Yes, we are crazy too.

  3. Found you through Menopausal Mom. I have two teenagers too, so I'm always happy to find other kindred souls in blogland. I'll be back to read more!


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