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Thursday, April 10, 2014


Let's hear it for this kid. Seriously. Nate Scimio, a Franklin Regional High School student, had the presence of mind to pull the fire alarm when 16 year old Alex Hribal was terrorizing the school, wielding a knife and stabbing and slashing kids. This article from HuffPo says that not only did Nate Scimio pull the fire alarm, alerting the school of a potentially deadly situation but also that he stepped in when Hribal was approaching a female student and pushed her out of the way, probably saving her from injury or worse.

Photo courtesy of Nate Scimio's instagram page. Thanks Nate!
 So let's give it up for this kid. I wish there were many many more kids like him in our schools today. You move to rural areas thinking your kids will be safer than in the big city or urban schools, and then something like this happens. It's scary as hell raising kids these days.


  1. yes it is! Well done Nate! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Good for him there should be more like him!!!

  3. True hero - very impressive. I think this boy shall go far!

  4. Great job Nate! We need more good kids like him in the world.

  5. Absolutely a hero! I'm slightly mystified about the flack he's getting for the selfie. I mean, he's just saying he's alive and doing well with that.

  6. Heard about him on Wednesday when this all went down..... This happened about 1/2 an hour from where I live, so we had the local news on at work all day until the national news picked it up..... Good for him for his quick thinking!!


  7. There "ARE" kids like him in schools!
    I work for the school district and most of the kids are FaaaaABULOUS! xx


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