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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Looks Like I Picked the Wrong Week to Quit Antidepressants...

Much like the character of Steve McCroskey, played by Lloyd Bridges in the movie Airplane, it definitely looks like I picked the wrong week to quit antidepressants. Yesterday's piece on Mamalode, Breaking an Addiction I Never Knew I Had was a more serious look at the subject.

Photo courtesy of In The Powder Room

Today, I'm In The Powder Room with a little more lighthearted look at quitting the drug I never knew I was addicted to.

I hope you enjoy both posts.


  1. St Johns wart is a natural anti depressant, or take evening primrose which stabilises hormones, and they are not addictive in any way as they are both completely natural . Evening primrose is great at stopping PMS. I'm on over 69 meds, 2 anti depressants, but not for depression they stabilise my heart, along with other meds, 2 forms of morphine, and the list goes on (and on) luckily (?) for me, these meds keep me alive so I won't be able to stop taking them, and from what you're going through I'm glad. Personally I always thought that once a drug was out of your system that was it, so thank you for your honesty of how hard it actually is, and I really hope it gets better for you soon.

  2. Teri, I always say I should be on anti-anxiety meds but I've heard that they don't mix well with alcohol and dammit, I want to have a drink when I want to have a drink. :) However, I think another reason I don't want to start them is that it might be really hard to quit them. At least you're able to do it with humor. Keep us posted!!


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