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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

So we got this car, see.....

It's not a new car. It's a way old used car, but it's just supposed to get 17 and 15 back and forth to school. Supposedly on time.

They started using the car to get back and forth to school on Monday. Today is Tuesday.

They've been late to school 2 days in a row. Now, I can't really math all that well, but it seems to me that this may be some sort of a pattern. 2 for 2. We're batting .1000. I wish we were talking baseball. I wish it was warm enough outside for baseball. Mmmmm baseball.

Wait, what was I saying? Oh yeah, the car that we bought that was SUPPOSED to be useful in getting our chilluns to and from school. In a timely manner. That's right. So the house rule is, you MUST leave for school no later than 7:20 because you never know if there will be trains (all the freaking time), accidents, ice, etc. and just ONE of those issues will jack you up and make you late.

Now that it's February 24 and it was a balmy -2° outside this morning, the girls left the house at 7:28. Wait, what? Why YES! YES that IS 8 minutes later than they are supposed to leave to ensure they make it to school on time. Thanks for noticing. They also left the house with no coats, but that's a blood-boiling rant for another day.

Anyway, they left at 7:28. Only to return at 7:33. Why? Because the windows were so frost-covered that 17 couldn't see to drive. Thank you sweet Jesus that she had the sense enough NOT to just ignore the frost and try to make it. No, instead she freaked out and drove back home. I drove them to school this morning, which now means that I have to pick them up after basketball practice, then drop 15 off at volleyball practice at 6:00.

Tell me again how much easier this car is making our lives?

Which leads to a NEW set of rules at Casa Snarky-Ass:

1. 7:00: You start the car to warm it up (notice I said YOU, not ME start the car) because not only is that improper grammar but it also ain't gonna happen

"But Mom, do I just leave it running in the driveway? Won't someone try to steal it?" 

Seriously, it's an 18 year old Acura, I'd probably have to pay someone to steal it.

2. 7:10: You go out to make sure all of the frost/ice is removed from the windshields so that you can actually SEE to drive the 18 year old car, the car that was actually born the year before you were.

3. 7:20 You are both INSIDE the car and on your way to school. 

4. Mom works on her second cup of coffee.

I'll keep you posted on how well these rules are going to work out.  


  1. Maybe try shouting "oh no! Someone's nicked the car!" at the top of your lungs around 6:30-ish will help speed things along?

  2. No coats and it's 2 BELOW zero??!! And you called me a Dumbass for wearing no GLOVES when I vlogged the blizzard.

    I'll wait for my apology.

    Or not. :D

    1. Wanna know who the REAL Dumbass is, Toby? ME for spending over $300 on a varsity lettermens jacket for 17, which is currently keeping the cat's ass warm at home.

  3. My 10 year old doesn't see the point of a coat. Umm... it's to keep you warm. Forehead palm slap. And funny thing, when I was 17 and my parents bought me my very first car, I learned an important lesson the very first morning I was driving to school. I didn't even make it down the street to discover you should never drive if you cannot see out the windshield. Brilliant. I hit a parked van (because I couldn't see an effing thing!).

  4. I hope that your girls figure it out. I am not ready for my 18 year old to drive yet. She is a bit behind and hopefully will get her Drivers licence this summer.

  5. Love those rules. Sure wish my kids would warm up my car for me! Dang, why do kids not wear coats? My boys insist on wearing sweatshirts as coats as if that is going to keep them warm? I swear one day social services is going to show up at my door.

  6. Um, why can't they just take the bus to school like most kids? Momma, if I was you I would make them take it next time they pull this. You have a life too right?

  7. I had a friend with that exact Yugo in high school.

  8. It's taken me a long time to figure this out, but kids have a different metabolism than adults, which explains why a 5 year old can run outside in sneakers and shorts in 20 degree weather and we're looking for our long johns and a net to catch them with. And somehow as we grow older it gets away from us that we're slowing down. Or is it that we now have on so many layers that we can't move as fast ? Just found your blog and lovin' it.

  9. I was thinking the exact same thing about your 17-year-old! I would have been the dumbass teenager driving the rest of the way to school, risking a wreck because I didn't want to get into trouble for being late. I only hope my boys haven't inherited my lack of common sense. One is adopted, so there's a ton of hope that he'll be smarter than I was back then. The other...well, I can only hope he grows up with his father's brains and my beauty. :)

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  11. Whoever would attempt to steal that car is probably quite desperate. Haha! Kidding aside, I think as long as it’s taking you guys where you want to go, then that’s fine. But if it would cost an unnecessary large amount of money and make them late for school regardless, then I think it wouldn’t be wise to continue using it. Anyway, thanks for sharing this with us, Teri. All the best!

    Ethel Mcguire @ Vestal Autos

  12. I think that having a car to go to work or school is better than walking or commuting, as it’s far more convenient. However, regarding your situation, it seems that you have no other choice. Though you really needed the car, but then it also caused you a lot of problems. Well, like everything else, having a car does have both advantages and disadvantages too.

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  13. Winter driving definitely can be a challenge. My suggestion is for you to get up earlier and allow the car to run for a while to heat up inside and melt all the frost off the windows. Start the car in your pajamas, then go inside and get dressed like you normally would to safe time in the morning.


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