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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Mike Rowe, I bid you a fond adieu...

Sadly, this is the last installment of Dirty Meets Snarky. I had so much fun meeting Mike Rowe and spending time with him picking his brain with my inane questions. He was patient, kind and absolutely hilarious. In this clip we argue over crab boats, he scolds me for my lack of journalistic abilities and in the end, we part ways, but not before some fun word association. So enjoy this part 7 and tell me your thoughts on the overall 7 part interview.

For the record, the Farwest Leader was captained by Greg Moncrief, and his wife who was indeed on the boat with him, was Ragnhild. Rick Quashnick and his wife Donna own the Maverick, and Rick captained the vessel before Blake was promoted captain. So we were both right.

So there.


  1. :( I will miss my daily dose of Mike here, where you ask the REAL questions. As he said, it was special. :) I think this should become a regular thing, maybe follow him around for a week every so often, stuff like that. :D Overall, Good stuff!!

    1. I have been rendered speechless. It's a good thing my fingers still work. Although clean and sober, I wouldn't mind being kissed on the great by a rose. That is, as long there's pizza and ice tea for me. Thank you. God Bless.

    2. So much fun! I was amazed at your ability to stay focused on his responses. I believe I would have been a drooling idjit!

    3. I went home and screamed like a 6 year old for an hour.


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