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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Book review now, Dirty Mike later...

Hey Snarklings. Your regularly scheduled dose of Dirty has been put on hold because I'm an idiot. That's right, I'll admit it. I edited the next video clip and uploaded it to TheYouTube exactly the same way I did the first two clips, and then I watched it and had to take a Dramamine. Seriously, it was like watching Max Headroom (you folks who were alive in the 80's will get that reference. The rest of you, look it up on The Google). So I will get that re-edited and re-uploaded later today, and I'll take a Dramamine before watching it just in case, so stay tuned.

For now, however, I've got not one but 2 fantastic books to tell you about. Today's review is a book that I've had for several months and I'm so guilty of over-procrastination it should be illegal. It is an awesome and hilarious look at pregnancy from the POV of three truly funny ladies who all happened to be pregnant at the exact same time. The book is called It's Really 10 Months by Kathy Schenkelberg, Celeste Snodgrass and Natalie Guenther and I LOVED it. From start to finish, it is so well written and so easy to read! The format is emails they write to one another so it's not just chapter after chapter of long-winded paragraphs, but instead, short and to the point questions, comments, statements and descriptions. Some more descriptive than others. They do have an expert, Dr. Bob (Robert G. Breakbone, a name that made my bones quiver in fear) who shows up often when there are technical things that need clarification.

I could relate to this so much because my best friend Mandie and I were pregnant at the exact same time too. She gave birth to her beautiful daughter just 5 weeks before I gave birth to mine. She'd call me about her hemorrhoids and the donut she'd just bought to sit on at work, I'd call her about the fact that my ankles were so swollen that I looked like Stretch Armstrong, and I could put my finger all the way in to the swelling, pretty much up to the knuckle. (gross, I know)

From abnormal test results that caused fear to free ultrasounds (the benefits of working in a hospital), between my experiences and Mandie's, this book was like reading the story of us. If this book was written 16 years ago, we would swear they followed us around, secretly recording our conversations. Honestly, it's THAT true to life.

I loved their confessions of over-eating, embarrassing conversations with their doctors, and when Natalie kicked her doctor in the nuts, I lost it. Just cracked up while reading it in between games at 14's volleyball tournament. And yes, I got some strange looks. But I don't care! It was definitely laugh out loud funny and if you are pregnant or know someone who is, this is the PERFECT book for them to read. It's real life, not what you find in a text written by an expert. WE are the experts, we who have had babies. THESE LADIES are the experts because they lived through pregnancy and wrote about it for the rest of us to learn and laugh about.

So your next stop on the innerwebs should be to purchase this book. Buy it for you, buy it for a friend but definitely buy it. I give it a 4 Snark rating out of 4.


  1. Max Headroom???

    You just totally aged me. Good Lord...you aged me big time!


  2. I aged myself as well Carrie! You're in good company.

  3. Replies
    1. Yep, working on the review for the second book now.

  4. Max Headroom! I hate to admit it but I do remember him. Along when MTV actually played videos too!

    1. Ahhhhh those were the days, weren't they, Phil?


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