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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Big Pimpin'

Pimping out some more of my fellow collaborators for the new book so you'll have an idea just how funny these chicks are! First up, The Dose of Reality with Lisa and Ashley taking a page RIGHT out of my book with their discussion of the state of their households in For the Love Of God...Use the Back Door.

Next up is the hilarious Bad Parenting Moments, as she discusses the utter joy (NOT) of dining out with small children in Check, please!

One of my very good friends Tracy at Momaical just blows me away every time I read her blog and since I can't decide which of these two is the funniest, I'm going to let YOU, dear Snarklings, be the judge. First up is her new commercial, destined to win a Clio, Shut the Fucupcakes. And, IMO, equally as hilarious, is her description of her trip to the gynecologist with her two daughter in tow. Here is Gynecology Gone Wild!

Here is a gem from Jen at People I Want to Punch in the Throat. Her Valentine to her one true love......Tina Fey, in For My Secret Valentine. One of these days Jen will get to meet her secret girl crush and I hope I'm there to witness it!

Last pimpout of the evening is one from Random Handprints who is on a tirade about the number of bake sales at her kids' school. I leave you with Bake Sale Mania Makes Me a Maniac.

I hope you love these ladies and find them as funny as I do!!


  1. Thanks for the big pimpin' so glad to be in such funny company!

  2. Thanks for this. I love finding new blogs but it is always better when they come with recommendations.

  3. I love this - you are the best at sending me on new adventures! New blogs to love!!!

  4. Thanks for the love!! We love being pimped out by you!!! (wait, that didn't come out right....)

  5. I love finding new funny blogs to read!


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