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Friday, March 8, 2013

Ready to pee yourself???

Attention all Snarklings, Snarkfesters and general fans of the Snark. The time is NOW, the book is READY!!!! You can now BUY THE PEE BOOK RIGHT NOW!!!!

See the links to pages across the top of my page??? See the one that says BUY THE PEE BOOK???? Go there now! Buy the book!!! Help me put 15 & 13 through college! If you buy the book using any of the links to Amazon on my blog page, I will make a small percentage from the sale of the book so please use my link to purchase if you're getting it through Amazon. I appreciate your business and I hope to God you love the book as much as I do!! I haven't found a story yet that hasn't made me smile, laugh, chuckle and there's even one that made me cry AND laugh at the same time! 

If you buy the book, read it and absolutely LOVE IT, we would greatly appreciate it if you'd go back to Amazon and leave a review of the book. This is really very helpful with sales. If you didn't like it after you've read it, do me a favor. Tell ME, don't go and tell Amazon. That's not going to help put gas in my car to take 15 to school in the mornings when she misses the bus. (like today)

Check this out!! Since the book has been leaked onto Amazon, we've already hit the top 10 Amazon Hot New Releases!
Screen shot courtesy of Amazon.com

How freaking cool is that? I'm fairly certain that you're sick and tired of reading this and can't wait to go and order the book and start reading, SO GO!! 
And thank you from the bottom of my snark. 


  1. Can't wait to have a celebratory cocktail with you!!

  2. Man, I never get invited to hang out with the cool kids! Congrats on the book success!


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