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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Is it wrong?

Is it wrong that I can't wait until basketball season is over? Is it wrong that I CAN wait until track season starts? I believe we may actually have about 2, maybe 3 weeks from the time the buzzer signals the end of the last basketball game until the first day of track tryouts. And naturally, because I birthed two athletic babies, they have to tryout. 15 is a hurdler and 13 runs the 400 and throws shot and discus. I drive. A lot.  With my husband's daily commute, the onus is on me to get everyone from point A to point B while holding down a full time job. My favorite thing (not) to hear is "Why weren't you here to watch me??" Is it wrong that I just can't do it all? Don't get me wrong. In an absolutely perfect world I'd be at every meet, every race, every game. But sadly, it's not a perfect world.

I LOVE watching my kids play, compete, perform, etc. If I had the means and the ability, I'd be there every single time. But it's just not possible. I just can't be there for every single event. Jesus, I have no idea HOW people with more than 2 kids do it! At the beginning of each season, I love seeing the excited look on their faces, the newness, the anticipation of diving head first into the sport. But by the last full week of games, it is I who cannot wait for it all to be over. I sigh the biggest sigh of relief that it's over and I can relax (temporarily) because that was the last thing on the schedule (for now).

Is that wrong? Is it wrong that I just am tickled at the idea of driving home from work and NOT having to go back out to pick one up from practice or rush home to feed the dogs before heading back out into the night to another game? I am so psyched at the idea of actually sitting down to a family dinner in the evening, one where all four of us are at the table! And no one has to rush out for anything (other than maybe ice cream from the store, I'm always excited about ice cream).

I'm sure some mom, somewhere, will read this and think: "I just want my children to be happy and I'm more than willing to bend over backwards to make them that way." That mother is obviously a crack whore with no concept of reality. Because the reality of it is, yes, we ALL want the best for our children, but at what price? We have a sit down meal where we are all at the table, probably twice a month. Three times if we're lucky. The rest of the month, we're running around, practice here, game here, sleepover there, party over yonder. Is this what I had in mind when I thought about having kids? No flipping way.

Would I trade it for all the chocolate at Hershey? Not for a second. I love my kids and I love that they are active and I'm so blessed that they are healthy and able. They stay busy and for the most part, they stay out of trouble. And while it's a pain in the butt being responsible for juggling their schedules, I wouldn't give it up for anything. Yes, I'll kvetch about how hard it is and how tired I am. But in the end, it is worth it.

I say that because I stopped at 2 kids. Had I had a gaggle, a flock or a herd, I would probably be singing a different tune.


  1. No, it is not wrong. My daughter plays three sports at the same time, son, one. So I have four sports, a minimum of eight practices and four games a week, for two kids! It is crazy! It also means I have to choose when the games overlap, and usually baby wins, basically because he is young. I make the games I can, but I don't make them all, I can't. I would be insane. Some weeks, when they are with their dad, I skip all games. Sometimes mom needs a break from it all. It isn't bad. It is doing what we need to do to stay sane so that we can be the best parents we can be.

  2. I was at a birthday party this weekend, talking to two friends about which sports they were excited to sign their 4yos up for. I realized how glad I was that mine is so clumsy, he falls down while standing still. No expensive equipment, early mornings or soccer mom wars for me!

  3. I can't even imagine how you possibly get it all done. As a mom to only one toddler who works full time, I feel like I'm hardly keeping my head above water already. I have no idea how you manage the load you're currently managing. I can only bow to you and tell you I think that you're a selfless bad ass. Enjoy the hell out of your few weeks "off". You deserve it!!!

  4. My son was all about self-preservation and didn't do the sports thing past about 3rd grade, and even then it was only soccer (where he ran around the perimeter, avoiding contact with the ball or other players). My daughter has made up for that by being in EVERYTHING. She has danced since kindergarten (currently 2 nights a week), is a middle school cheerleader (practices and games every week), plays school volleyball and is on the track team AND is on a club volleyball team that travels on the weekends to tournaments. She's decided to give up cheer after this year (YAHOOOOOO!!!!) to make room for Show Choir.... My life is spent behind my steering wheel.

  5. It's a lot. Working full time with ONE son, in ONE activity at a time, I couldn't make it to everything. They will remember you were at most things, and that you cared enough to SIGN them up and make sure they got everywhere. Maaaaybe not until they have their own kids, but.....someday :)

  6. You are so not wrong. I am right there with you. I have a ten year old girl and an almost 16 year old boy, and between drama, choir, hockey (the daughter plays hockey), debate, HOSA, tennis (soon) and soon LaCrosse, plus my full-time job, on top of my full-time 24/7 mom gig, and my part-time taxi service job...I'm stressed to breaking. Add in that the boy is in mostly honors classes, which amounts to abnormally large amounts of homework. We haven't sat down to eat or to watch a show together in months. It makes me so sad. This is why I am so not happy when summer is over. I lose my kids for the school year.

  7. "That mother is obviously a crack whore with no concept of reality" <<-- And THIS is why I love you.

    I think you're totally normal not to want to do all this craziness each and every day. I honestly don't know how you hold down a full time job, raise 2 kids, take care of a husband, keep your house in order, AND do all of that. You must be superwoman.

    Oh, and by the way? I hate basketball season too, but that's because The Hubs watches NBA all season long. Yaaaaaaawn.

  8. All I do is take my kids swimming twice a week, and I'm pretty much done after that! As they get older, I foresee them joining more sports and though I'm happy that they are active, I'm already dreading the eternal driving around!!
    So, totally normal for you to wish for a lull!!!

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