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Monday, February 11, 2013

Advertising and me....

Hey Snarkfest fans. I've got some pretty cool news that I will be sharing with you shortly but in preparation of that news, I wanted to explain to you why I'm advertising Amazon.com on my blog. I normally don't do any paid advertising, as I feel I've already got enough crap clogging up my page and I don't want Snarkfest to be a billboard for everything from Viagra to Christianmingle.com. But due to the news that I will tell you about soon, I'm linking to Amazon.com from this page. ANY and ALL purchases you or anyone else will make using the link on my page will result in me receiving a small percentage of that purchase. Which rocks, considering we haven't saved anything yet for 15 & 13's college funds. So you will be helping send my kids to college just by using the Amazon.com link on my page instead of going straight to their website and buying something directly from there.

So it's a win-win!! You buy what you want, and my daughters get to go to college so that they don't end up selling soft pretzels and flowers on Broad Street in Philly. I can't thank you enough!!


  1. That's an awesome idea!! I love Amazon and will have to remember to come this way when I shop on it.

  2. Sounds like a very worthy cause to me! Here's to that college education!

  3. I think it's a great idea! Love it hun! I gotta do it here and there to keep the lights on too! SO I totally understand!


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