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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Towpath the coverdog!

"Don't hate me because I'm beautiful!"
You folks know I love my boy Towpath, the dog that was found last summer on the C&O Canal Towpath (hence the name). He was badly burned and left for dead when my friends Will and Kathy found him. They nursed him back to health and he is a thriving young pup today. He is, short of my own two dogs, one of my very favorite pups on the planet and he's in a contest to be featured as a coverdog. Who better to represent dogs everywhere than this little fighter? There isn't much time left in the contest, and it's one of those FB things where you have to allow them some access, so if you're not comfortable with that, that's totally fine. But if you don't mind, Towpath would love it if you'd go and vote for him to win!

The Miracle 

If anyone is old enough to remember the superhorse Secretariat running away from the field in the 1973 Belmont Stakes—a stunning, otherworldly performance in which that magnificent red creature put 31 lengths between him and his nearest contender, lengthening the lead even as he crossed the finish line—you’ll begin to understand the awe with which we watched Towpath run away with the Novadog vote this morning. Which, to ditch the horseracing metaphor (especially given the ridiculous physical comparison to our stubby hero), is actually our fumbling attempt at beginning to say thanks to the unstoppable community that is you, and to your heroic support of our heroic little soul, Towpath. Between 8 this morning, and noon when the contest ended, Towpath’s champions put up nearly 800 more votes—all but equalling his tally from the previous 18 days. In those four hours, he went from nearly a dead heat with his closest rival, to a seven-hundred vote lead. Who would have ever dreamt this of a dog once burned to within an inch of his life? We’re still shaking our heads with mouths agape, and blinking in disbelief. 

Oh, yes, the bottom line: Towpath is the new Novadog Cover-Dog! (Sound of cheers, popping of champagne corks, and tooting of party horns.) 

We can’t possibly give enough thanks, but we can assure everyone that Towpath’s path is now even further cemented as that of ambassador for the abused. And not to forget that this was, after all, to further the good work of WHS (Washington Humane Society). There were more than a hundred other deserving dogs in this contest, and hundreds of thousands out there that need a lot more of our love and care. 

To those of you so generous as to have shared our campaign with those outside our immediate Facebook network, please pass our thanks to them as well. You and they are all invited to keep up with Towpath at www.facebook.com/towpath.thewonderpup And please also convey our open invitation to all our furred friends and their families for a good romp together. 

Will and Kathy and Towpath


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