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Thursday, June 15, 2017

9 Things NOT to do at a Concert

Here are 9 rules to follow the next time you go to a rock concert (or country, or rap, whatever shit you listen to on the daily). Trust me on this. I’m almost 48 and have been to about a million concerts and have seen behavior that would make Pope Francis want to throw a punch.

    1.  Don’t get piss-eyed, falling-down drunk. I went to the Eagles Hell Freezes Over tour back in the nineties and there was a woman so drunk she threw up on the people in front of her and had to be carried out in the middle of the second song on the playlist. I don’t know about you but when I spend over $300 on concert tickets, I don’t want to get thrown up on, and I certainly don’t want to get so shit-faced drunk that I have to leave the show.

    2.    Don’t be an asshole to those around you. If you don’t like the opening act, don’t verbally abuse the singer (here’s a hint: you don’t have a mic, they can’t hear you complaining). Know who CAN hear your bitching? The folks sitting in front of you. Maybe they LIKE that opening act. Keep your negativity to yourself.

    3.     Don’t buy the pirate merchandise outside the theater. Don’t be a cheapskate. Pony up the $40 for an authorized and genuine concert t-shirt. My friend Karen and I went to see Def Leppard during the Hysteria tour in 1988 but I was too cheap to buy the official merchandise and instead bought a pirated t-shirt from some dude in the parking lot. It had an extra sleeve and it was from the Pyromania tour from 1983. Lesson learned. And if I ever grow an extra arm, that shirt will FINALLY be cool.

    4.    Don’t scream through the whole fucking show. Just don’t. You’re not 12, dude.  Screaming’s for 12 year old One Direction fans, not 40-something chicks who like their hearing. Trust me. Scream when your band comes on, then scream before the encore. But for crying out loud, not during the whole show. Some of us want to be able to actually HEAR what’s going on onstage.

    5.   DO. NOT. RUSH THE STAGE. Seriously, if you bought a ticket, that seat is YOURS. Do NOT try to squeeze your ass into my row. There is nothing that pisses me off more at a concert than some douchebag with a seat in row 19 coming up and trying to push me out of the way when I actually bought a front row seat. Just don’t do it. It’s cases like that where it should be legal to stab someone in the neck with a pencil. And I always bring pencils with me to concerts….just in case.

    6.    Don’t give me a contact high. I bought my ticket with my goddamn hard-earned money and the last thing I need is to get high off your smoke. It’s not cool. Do it in the parking lot before the show. But just know that if you do it anywhere near me, whether it’s pot, tobacco or crack, I will totally pour my beer on your joint, cigarette or pipe. Trust me on this. Nobody wants to smell like your smoke. And I really hate wasting my beer.

    7.    Don’t try to get on stage. It’s embarrassing. And if you get your ass thrown out, your friends will feel obligated to make sure you are okay, and that means they will probably leave the show early. If they do, then make no mistake, they are well within their rights to kick you in your stupid ass for being a dick. Do yourself and all your friends a favor and just stay put, okay?

    8.   Don’t fart. Just don’t. It makes everyone around you miserable. I don’t know which is worse, smelling a fart or smelling a cigarette while I’m trying to enjoy my jams.  You concert farters know who you are, don’t try to pretend it was the guy in front of you, own your smelly ass. Leave the seat, go into the aisle, do your thing and come back. Because damn.

     9.    I know this is probably a bit hypocritical, but don’t start a fight. Yes, I’ve been threatening in this post, I’ve come down pretty hard on the offenders, but trust me on this: I have been kicked out of a concert for laying hands on someone.  Ok it was a Dan Band concert but still, we were right at the stage and I did something dumb and had to eat the cost of the ticket. So keep your hands to yourself. 

I'm sure there are a ton of other offending actions one can do when at a concert, but these are the 9 that spring to mind, that piss me off and that I will call you out on for doing. You have been warned. 


  1. Thank you for a very well informed list. I will have to print this baby out! :-)

  2. I've done at least two of these.
    I've been involved in a fight too but that was because someone threw a cup of piss in my direction when they couldn't be bothered to go to the toilet. So it was totally justified....

    1. WELL within your rights. NO CUPS OF PISS, that's #10 on the list!

  3. It would be cool if you grew a third arm.

  4. I'm impressed you still go to concerts. Other than the rare controlled environment, I've decided I'm too old for concerts.

    Although I'm taking my daughter to U2 in July. Because some things you've just gotta do.

    1. I'm still a concert whore. I LOVE going to see live music.

  5. Totally totally agree with #1, 2, 3, 4, 6 and 8. And they were all at The Who concert! One time, LT saw someone selling Rush t-shirts outside the venue and it was spelled RASH…lesson learned (He didn't by it but wished he had now. The band used it in their next tour!)

  6. I remember what marijuana smelled like the first time I smelled it.
    In 1984 when I was 14.
    At a Hall and Oates concert.
    With my dad.
    The guys next to us were smoking it and offered my dad a hit.
    My dad was really nice but all NOT COOL GUYS, NOT COOL.
    Never forget that.

    1. I never understood the appeal of getting drunk or high at a concert.

  7. One of my last concerts was to see Jimmy Buffett. I'd seem him before, he's a fav in our house, but attending a concert as a real adult, I have stopped being the person described in 1-9 (and thankfully, only a few of those applied), but there we were on the lawn with our blanket laid out and all of our stuff, and some drunk broad kept weaving around and crushing our stuff because she couldn't control herself. We complained several times and she finally turned around and slurred, "Lighten up! It's Buffett!" We have been saying that line ever since when someone acts like a dick. It was SOOOOOOOOOOOOO irritating like being at a concert is your get out of jail free card for being a total douchebag. I saw Eric Clapton after that, and sitting in seats is better but there are still so many assholes at concerts that it's turned me off from going. The only I'd still consider is Bruce, because that is one guy I have never seen and it's a bit of a bucket list item now.


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