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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Don't Call Me Poop Seas...

Look out, world, Poobs in on Instagram! Let me clarify: my daughters have set up an Instagram account for my husband. All 3 of them have iPhones (I've got a lowly Android and am in no hurry to switch over to the almighty 'i' anything). Let me further clarify that my daughters now call my husband "Poobs."

Once upon a time, they had a conversation about what he wants to be called when he's a grandfather (and holy hell we're not in ANY hurry for that to happen). Anywhoo, as a joke, he said he wanted to be called 'The Grand Poobah." My daughters, apparently having NEVER seen an episode of The Flintstones, had NO clue what he was talking about, but thought that term was hilarious.

Not my real husband

Instead of the full title, 'Grand Poobah' they abbreviated it to Poobs. And that's what they now call their father. The one who helped give them life, who pays for them to go to camps, the one who taught them their ABC's. Yep, Poobs. Or, as his new Instagram name will be, Poobsies.

Their name for him in their phones: Poobsies. They actually taught Siri to call him Poobsies on his own iPhone, however, she misunderstood and now calls him Poop Seas. Parenting win.


  1. Lol. My daughters and nieces made up names for my dad, who was baby grandad, and my 2 called my eldest sister Auntie Twinkle (just before she died unexpectedly) other than that they haven't given anyone else names, not to our faces, although now they are 15&11, I don't think I'd want to hear them lol

  2. Don't hate me...but every time I went to pronounce it I kept thinking, "pubes." So now that's out there...

  3. That's Pooboriffic! We throw a few Grand Poobah, Order of the Water Buffalo jokes out around here too, and our kids are like "What the???"

  4. Lex, Jax and I are cracking up over this post...Can't wait till i see Mr. Poobs again!


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