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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Tuesday Tirade: Teen Edition

Hey Snarklings, today's tirade isn't a me-related tirade so much as it is a Teen Tirade. Let me set the scene:

We were at FedEx Field on Saturday night for the Notre Dame vs Navy football game. My Father-in-Law graduated from Notre Dame in 1814 and has access to seats at Notre Dame games, and he had purchased 4 tickets that he was unable to use. Don't ask.

So naturally, since there are 4 of us and 4 tickets and we are just over an hour away from FedEx Field, it only made sense that we use the tickets.

Somehow or other, we landed in the parking lot closest to the stadium, literally a 100 step walk to the stadium steps. Did I mention there was no one to take our money? Yeah, we parked for free in the Platinum lot, the FRONT ROW, to quote Bob Euchre. And our seats were PHE-NOMINAL. Seriously, row 13 right behind the end zone.

Perfect, right? Except for the fact that it was FUH-REEZING and the wind was wicked. Luckily we all dressed in layers upon layers with hats, gloves and blankets.

Right after halftime, both my girls wanted hot chocolate (marching band is in their blood, because the band goes immediately to the concession stand after their halftime performance). We handed them a $20 bill and sent them on their way. 30 minutes later, they still hadn't returned. Considering the fact that they are teenage girls with teenage hormones in a stadium of like, 40,000 Navy Midshipmen, I wasn't surprised. They were off enjoying the sights.

Pardon the pun, but it was a sea of Midshipmen
They got back about 40 minutes after they left, and they were pissed.

17: "We waited in 2 different lines!!! Once we got to the front, they were all like, 'oh sorry, you must've missed the announcement, we're all out of hot chocolate.' It was ridiculous!! So we ended up getting coffee instead. GRRRRRRRR."

These girls were cold and angry. But they got even angrier when not 30 seconds after they sat down, the hot chocolate guy came around with steaming cups of chocolate deliciousness. Hubby and I just looked at one another and cracked the hell up. They were SO. MAD.

Have an awesome Tuesday folks.


  1. Seems to me YOUR good karma did NOT rub off on the girls. Thanks for the laugh. Much needed today.

  2. A - It's wonderful when the teens get a dose of reality
    B - It was a sea of seamen. Geesh.

  3. Funny. Been there. Done that. Usually the hot chocolate is more like brown water anyway.

    1. The coffee they bought was the same, brown weak water.

  4. Dont you love it? I love when my daughter gets put out by things like that... she's so funny. 15 is a great age for embarrassing her with my car dancing and singing loudly when her friends are around! I'm glad I let her live when she was in those terrible twos! (altho with her hormones..she may not see graduation day! LOL) Oh, and you said Bob Euchre! I LOVED THAT GUY!!!


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