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Friday, October 3, 2014

It's the little things....

Small things can make a difference. At least I hope they can. Take this morning, for instance. 14 is participating in a bake sale to benefit her volleyball team this afternoon, and she baked brownies last night to contribute. I cut them and bagged them this morning. I put one in her lunch and one in 17's lunch and threw one into my lunch too.


And then I took it out and wrote "For Dad" on it. And left it on the counter for him.

That's gotta count for something, right? That should burn off calories right there.

And I walked to work this morning, so those calories I burned off by NOT eating that brownie for lunch should be doubly burned.

It made sense in my brain.

I'm running a 10K tomorrow. Down a big-ass hill, then back up. It's gonna be ugly but I'm going to get it done.

Did you ever have one of those days when your brain is all over the place? Can you tell I'm having one this morning?

My youngest daughter auditioned yesterday for the High School's Symphonic Band. She made it. As a freshman, she made it, just like her sister did as a freshman. I couldn't be more proud! And she's just over the moon about it. Way to go, 14! By the way, 14 turns 15 in just under 2 weeks. One of us is getting old.

Hubby is starting a new job next week, so I'm wishing him the best with that.

Common core math sucks donkey balls.

I apologize now for the most random blog I've ever posted, but now I'd like for you to return the favor. What little things do it for you? Tell me a random thing that makes you feel good about yourself!


  1. I love when I do stuff like remember to tuck a little note into my 5th grader's binder so she knows I am thinking about her. And seriously, you need to post the recipe for those brownies because they look DELICIOUS!-Ashley

    1. It's been a long time since I've remembered to leave a note in their lunch bags Ashley. Thanks for that reminder. May do that next week.

      Oh and the recipe is really simple: One box of Food Lion brand chewy fudge brownie mix.

  2. Replies
    1. You've gotta bring your spider-herpe covered butt down here and get yours, T!

  3. Made chocolate chip cookies last night! Taking my college daughter to visit my parents next week. Oh - and it's Friday!

  4. I love all the little things, Teri, which is why this random post was one of my most recent faves from you. The little things make me so happy all day, and all it takes is for people to learn to recognize them for their happiness factor to go WAY up. This comment is a little deep for me, but I get that way a lot...I just do it on the downlow. Haha. I'm a runner, so your 10K "little thing" really stood out to me. I'm runnnig a half marathon this weekend, so I'll be thinking about you. Good luck!!

    1. Hope you did well in your half this weekend, Shay!!!

  5. I'll take some brownies too! Good luck with the 10K!

  6. Ironically, the random thing I do that makes me feel good is when I sit down to write a blog post and have no idea what I'm going to write about, so I end up doing a random rant . . . and it ends up being not half bad.

  7. Good luck with the 10k run! Go get 'em! Common core math totally sucks donkey balls! And hurray for Freshman Symphonic Band! That brings back fond memories - I played flute!


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