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Monday, September 16, 2013

Who wants a night out with the girls?

Who doesn't want a night out with the girls, right? I mean, we ALL need time away with our girlfriends, don't we? It's what keeps us sane. If we don't get a night out every so often, the terrorists win, right? So last year, the fabulous Jen of People I Want to Punch in the Throat organized a Ladies Night Out in her little town, and she was joined by a bunch of other moms who just wanted a night out. The evening was a success and a great time was had by all.

Well this year, after she masterminded the hilariously awesome book I Just Want to Pee Alone (in case you've lived under a rock, I co-authored that book with 36 other fantastically funny ladies) she has coordinated ANOTHER Moms Night Out, only this time, we're ALL joining in!

That's right, all across the U.S. on Wednesday, October 16 Moms EVERYWHERE are going out!  It's NATION WIDE!!  And it doesn't matter if you're Mom to kids, dogs, ferrets, or dust bunnies, YOU'RE INVITED!!  Since we are scattered all over the United States, there is a place for (almost) everyone to go out and enjoy National Night Out, a night of eating, drinking and peeing alone, with other Moms who all just want to pee alone. My night out will be held at Domestic located at 117 E. German St in Shepherdstown, WV on Wednesday night, October 16 from 7-10 p.m. When you walk in, just tell them you came to Pee Alone and they'll send you to the side room where we will be frolicking together and enjoying our freedom (if only for a few hours).

If you live near me in Shepherdstown, WV, I would absolutely LOVE for you to join me at Domestic for this National Night Out of fun and laughter. But if you don't live near me, don't fret, we're hosting this event all over the country!! Check out the I Just Want to Pee Alone Facebook Events page for a location near you! There are going to be Moms going out to eat, drink and pee alone in places like Minneapolis, Chicago, Morristown NJ, Houston, Lancaster PA, Boston, Indiana, Colorado, Kansas and MORE!! Check out the events page to see where YOU can join in the fun.

If you aren't close to any of the ladies hosting, don't be sad, because YOU can host your OWN National Night out! Just pick a location on October 16th, tell them you want to host a Moms Night Out and send out invites to your friends! Then send your details (location, time, address, etc) to Jen at "sweetsadiecreations @ gmail dot com" (but, you know, the real way, with all that stuff strung together) and she'll add your event to the Events page so that MORE people will find out and show up! How cool is that?

So save the date! Wednesday, October 16 7-10 p.m. Go out and have fun!!!


  1. I'm going to be peeing alone in Italy then, so I won't be able to join the fun - bummer!

  2. Umm...

    Each and every one of you want to pee alone - so you're going to gather together and drink?

    This is too complisticated for me and my 3 surviving brain cells.

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