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Welcome to my snarky corner of the web. Join me as I discuss everything from wine to chocolate. There may be a few other topics mixed in there too. I talk a bunch about my amazing offspring, 24 and 21. I sometimes go on and on about my secret crush on the amazing Mike Rowe. I talk about things that irritate me or things that make me happy. Sometimes I just talk to hear myself talk. Feedback is always appreciated but please make sure it's respectable. No nudity or profanity. I'm the only one allowed to be profane. But any and all snark is welcome and appreciated!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


The lovely and talented menopausalmomma has generously included me in her list of awards from this weekend. She has bestowed upon me the Lovely Blog Award and for that I give her tons of hugs and a big wet sloppy kiss!!! Please go give her some loving when you can, she's a blast. <3

 Here are the rules:
  • Post the award logo in your post and thank the amazing, beautiful, witty, charming and talented blogger who gave you the award.
  • Nominate 5 other deserving bloggers
  • List 7-15 random facts about yourself
So here are my nominees for the Lovely Blog Award:

Evil Joy Speaks
My Mom's A Whackjob!
Somewhat Sane Mom

And here are 7-15 random facts about yours truly:

  1. I'm snarky (I know, you're shocked, right??)
  2. I'm extremely short, 5'1" and I am covered in freckles
  3. I've hated my hair since I came out of the womb. HATE IT
  4. I should be working right now but I'm not (shhhh don't tell)
  5. I hate lima beans and brussel sprouts. A lot.
  6. I love cooking Thanksgiving dinner
  7. I REALLY love baking for the holidays. I'm great at cookies.
  8. I hate coming up with random facts about myself
  9. I made homemade mac and cheese with chopped ham for 13's birthday and it was goooood.
  10. I am the queen of holding grudges. I still hold a grudge for something that happened in 1988.
  11. I have a wicked good memory for movie quotes, and am a font of useless information.
  12. I've officially run out of random facts.



  1. Just discovered your blog in a very round-a-bout way through Twitter...and am so happy I did! So nice to see another mom blogger who isn't 27 and changing diapers or posting photos of how they do a 'messy bun' or giving me all the unsolicited details of their 'love story'. Glad to be a new follower!!

    1. And so happy to have you aboard, Michelle. Yes, I'm not a spring chicken raising babies these days. Please feel free to stick around. I try to address any and all comments, positive or negative.


  2. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!! You are definitely one Lovely Blogger and a Lovely Friend. Thank so much!

    We could go on Jeopardy as a team - I have a fountain of useless facts in my brain too!

    1. I'm in if you're in. If nothing else, we could drive Alex Trebek crazy.


  3. I am NOT a big fan of total Mom bloggers.. but damn. the fact that you numbered them.. well, that is just too snarky and I may have to blog roll you, out of spite! Seriously, numbering your family, made me snort hot coffee through your nose.

    Dear Mommy Bloggers,
    Not intended to offend you, it's just that my eggs went bad years ago and we really have nothing in common.. lol...


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