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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Evil Joy Speaks....to Snarkfest

Hey it’s Teri here from Snarkfest and since I’ve got the perfect face for radio, I’m sitting down for a tell-all interview with my guest, Joy from Evil Joy Speaks. Since this week's Blogger Idol Play-at-Home Link-Up has us interviewing one another, Joy has graciously agreed to come in and have a face to face with me. So how are ya, Joy?

Joy: Fabulous - working on consuming my third can of that sweet nectar of life, Diet
Dew. I’ve got a female spawn doing homework at 5:45 am (because she forgot about it)
in the room with me and a pup asleep on my lap. How are you my dear Teri aka

Awesome, Joy, I’m doing great. Thanks for stopping by to see us. Now, the readers of your blog have written in and have a bunch of questions that they’d love to have answered, so are you ready to give your fans what they want?

Joy: Ohhh yaaahhh, you betcha.

Cool, so let’s get started. Oh this first one is interesting because I always say I married
my husband because he’s tall and can reach things on high shelves. Oh and he’s great
at killing bugs too. So how about you, Joy? Why did you marry Dr. Evil?

Joy: Well, I suppose I should say something sweet like he was the perfect boy for me.
But I think since I’m Evil Joy as well as Joy - I’m going with knowing he was smart and
would be able to program my contacts into my cell phone for me.

Gotta love a man who knows his technology. Okay, next question, which Halloween candy do you steal from your ‘Evil Spawn’ and why?

Joy: Oh this is easy. Snickers Bars, followed by other chocolate candy bars, followed
by anything chocolate at all. Then...we’ll move on to the fruity sugary stuff like Skittles.
I always leave them the crap candy.

However this year - I’m not sure what I’m going to do. In previous years we had a dog
Fizzgig aka Smooshie (because I smooshed him with my car) who literally would steal
and eat chocolate with no ill side effects - other than puking all over my house. So...I’d
totally blame the dog if too much candy was gone. He couldn’t speak to point out my
LIE! But now....I’m not sure which dog I’ll blame it on....

I’m totally cool with taking the chocolate and blaming it on my hubby,
much like I blame the dog for any farts that happen to occur when someone else is in
the room with me. Which ties in perfectly with our next question: Do you fart in front of
your spouse? If you do, who gets the blame?

Joy: Nope! I worry it’ll be more of a shart. But evidently I do in my sleep because he
teases me about it. However, he’s the Fart Master in our family followed by Eldest
Female Spawn (age 9).

Where did you come up with your spawns’ names? Was it more fun to name your kids
or your pets? Who do you like to hang out with more? The kids or the pets?

Joy: Let’s see - 1st one - just liked it. 2nd one - 1st one chose it at age 2. We said
‘Baby Sister was born.’ He yelled, “NO Baby Female Spawn was born.”....
Third one - from a movie - if her hair had been red, it would have been slightly different.
Fourth one - we just liked it.

Dogs - more fun because it’s less important. And you get to do it more often as they
typically live longer than the spawn. We’ve had Einstein, Fizzgig, Shadow and now
Burton. Einstein - we’re geeks. Fizzgig - from the Dark Crystal. Shadow from some kid
movie. Burton because we got him and then bought six snowboards and assorted gear,
mainly Burton brand and we liked it.

As far as hanging out - I would say it depends. If the spawn are being annoying - I’ll
take puppy and dog any day. If puppy is sharting all over the carpet, the spawn don’t
seem so bad.

I hear ya. There are days when I can stand the kids more than the dogs. Then there are other days when I’d like to lock the kids in the crate and just chill with the dogs.  I’ve got a cat named Dumbass and that name fits her much better than her given name of Cinnamon. I’ve got a dog named Henry whose name fits him perfectly, he’s a true Henry. His brother is Cosmo, named for the fairy, Cosmo, from the Nickelodeon show The Fairly Oddparents. Cosmo is truly the perfect name for that boy, he loves shiny things and will stare at the wall where there once was something shiny for hours and hours.

Alright, next question: What is the most embarrassing thing you would do to your own
spawn and how much fun would it be?

Joy: I CAN’T WAIT to show the baby pictures to their future dates. Although that scares
me - Dates - yikes. I think it’ll be great to show the ones of them doing silly things like
locking themselves in the dog kennel....yeah yeah...they put themselves in there....
And there’s always the diapered pictures.

That - and I would love to write a book about all the crap they’ve done. ALL they’ve
done. Suckers.....I think they’d behave more if they knew I took notes.

I’m sure they’ll LOVE it when the truth comes out.  Personally I embarrass my own offspring daily by posting the ‘did they or didn’t they make the school bus’ song update. They truly hate it. I make up a song (actually I just take a song and change the lyrics around to indicate whether or not they made the bus) and post it on Facebook each day. 15’s band director was trying to get her to stop talking while out on the marching field last week and he said “Am I going to have to write a song about you?” THAT shut her up quickly.

So I hear that you’re a runner, me too. Now, do you run to work out and be healthy or do
you run just to say that you run and so you can get the damn shirts from the races to
wear in public so people know you run? Personally, I run for the t-shirt and the free beer
at the finish line.

Joy: Dude - I’m allllll about the shirts. Sweatshirts are even better. And the only thing I
like shopping for for myself is running shoes. Healthy smealthy. I like to eat. I run so I
can eat and wear fun ‘free’ shirts - I pay to run - not for the shirts....they’re free - yeah
free. And the beer’s not bad either!

Speaking of beer, what is your beverage of choice? Personally, I dig red wine. In mass
quantities. I know you’re not much of a coffee drinker, which is fine, because that’s more
for me. Because in the morning, without coffee, I could easily take out a school bus full
of handicapped nuns if they look at me the wrong way.

Joy: Let me know if you run low, and I’ll send you a membership to the Coffee Drinker
of the World club so you never ever run out. Without the nuns, I’d be a lost Catholic.
Save the Nuns!!

Without the Diet Dew, the safety of my community is at stake. It is a requirement for
national security and safety. Any diet caffeinated soda pop will work. But when I want
to have fun - I love margaritas. With lots of salt. And if we’re talking beer - it’s got to be
some Blue Moon with my fruit salad of oranges. None of this skinny slice of orange
crap - bring on the SLICES.

LOVE me some Blue Moon! You’ve got great taste in beers, even if you like them all fruity and girly. Now, if you could do anything in the world, anything at all, what would your dream
job be? Doesn’t matter if it’s real or made up. Like, if I could sit in my house and stroke
the soft fuzzy fur of baby bunnies all day and get paid for it, I’m all over it. How about

Joy: We so are soul sisters. Soft furry animals..... I would pilot my own plane and fly
around the world delivering puppies. I’ve always (in real life) wanted to be a pilot. And
since it’s anything at all - I’d own my own plane and landing strip (and gas station). And
what’s more fun than delivering puppies? Seriously!!!?!

That sounds like an awesome job! How about this question: if you could be any cartoon
character, which would you be? If you could get rid of any cartoon character, who would
you off, and why?

Joy: I sort of dig the Road Runner. I like his sounds. Meep Meep! I like that he runs
and outsmarts the other guy. Frequently.

And I’d have to off.....it sounds bad but...Caillou. I CANNOT stand that whiney kid’s
voice. My spawn have all had an affinity for him and man - there is nothing worse than
hearing Caillou before ingesting the sweet nectar of life. He has a bowling ball for a
head and apparently will never grow any hair. WTHeck?

I’ve heard there are tons of people on the Down with Caillou bandwagon. Personally, I’d take out those damn Teletubbies. I’ve hated them since 15 was 2. And if I could be any cartoon character, I’d be Snoopy. I’ve always loved Snoopy and really, who wouldn’t want to nap on top of a doghouse that doubles as a Sopwith Camel??

Ok last and final question, what’s your favorite position?

Joy: Let’s see. I’m freaky flexible so there’s all sorts of possibilities. Dr. Evil enjoys the
calf stretch I do prior to running. I enjoy the ‘runner’s stretch.‘ How about you!?

Oh I’m partial to the downward dog, LOVE stretching out the back and the hammies.

Well folks, that’s all the time we have for Evil Joy but don’t forget to check out her blog, Evil Joy Speaks. She’s awesome and funny and it’s been a pleasure to have her on my show. Joy, have an awesome day!


  1. Thanks Snarkfest - you're the absolute best!!!!!

    1. My pleasure babe. Thanks for doing this with me.


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