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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Google +, or how to really piss me off

Really Google +? Oh, you should upgrade! Upgrade to make your life easier! I call Bullshit. I noticed a typo in my profile (which was just fine BEFORE I upgraded to your stupid Google +). When I upgraded, I got some stupid message saying that my profile would have to be re-typed, so I said, okay, I can handle that. Except apparently I can't. I typed that I have '2 hair-assed dogs' instead of '2 hairy-assed dogs'. Now I realize that in the major scope of things, it's not really that big a deal. But I hate that shit. And now it's scratching my eye. Every time I am on my home page, it screams at me: "YOU'RE AN IDIOT!!"

So I tried to fix it, which only ended up pissing me off even more. The edit page comes up and says 'click on the part of your profile that you want to edit' but it won't allow me to edit 'hair' to 'hairy'. So now, every time I go to my home page, I'm reminded of what an idiot I am.

My husband said that it's not true anyway, Cosmo's not hairy. Au contraire, mon ami. Cosmo actually sheds more than Henry and trust me, Henry is a HAIRY-ASS dog.

Anyway, I digress because I got carried away with how adorable (and freaking hairy-assed) my dogs are. My point was that with Google + I can't figure out how to edit my stupid mistake. So for now, I draw your attention to my profile on the right and how leaving out the 'y' in hairy has annoyed me a little and how upgrading to Google + has NOT made my life any easier.


  1. LOL! Gotta love technology - when it works :-)

  2. Ok, it only took me about 56 tries, time to cool off and take a shower, deleting my Google + profile, and then 42 more tries but I was finally able to add the damn 'y' to hair-ass. I don't know about you but I'm feeling MUCH better now.


  3. Just like earlier today when I tried to reply to your Google post and came up with an error message from the browser that I use. It got me 'mad' because I typed a response and clicked on something else only to receive that 'nasty' error message. I don't like Google, they always require so much information (as they do here on Blogger). They already know me, how much more information do they need!!!

    1. Tell me about it, Nancy. It's like they want you to jump through a million hoops to leave a comment, or quit the whole damn thing. #annoyingashell


  4. Great..... I just looked at your profile, and now I'm singing than damned lumberjack song.....

    ~~xo, Spammy


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