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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

My Isagenix and DietBet Recap...

In a word: AWESOME!

A month ago I started the Isagenix program at the same time as I started a new DietBet. In 4 weeks, my goal was to lose at least 4% of my starting weight.  I ended up losing more than that. My overall loss for the month as of last Friday was 13 lbs. However, after going to Girls Weekend with my mid-west Durannie girls, I put 2 of those lbs. back on in alcohol. No biggie, I still lost 11 lbs. AND won.....drumroll please.........$44.53 in the DietBet plan.

If not for the obscene amount of alcohol and crappy food I ate over the weekend, my 13 lb. weight loss on the Isagenix plan pretty much kicks ass! I take full responsibility for those 2 lbs. I put back on (but it was so worth it).

Isagenix is a really easy plan that I followed and the only time I was really EVER hungry was on the days that I did the cleansing. Those days I was looking at the dogs like Sylvester looked at Tweety. But the cleanse is one day a week and I can do anything for one day, right? And it was definitely worth the results, because my pants are fitting better, my skin feels great and I have a ton of energy. Hell, I ran 6 miles over girls weekend in 1000% humidity and 95 degree heat.

If I can do it, anyone can. Seriously. Let me know if you're interested in trying Isagenix for a month and I'll hook you up with my friend HappyKate!!

And if you're interested in participating in the latest DietBet in which I'm participating, visit this website, pay your $20 entry fee and start losing the weight!! You'll feel better and you can win some decent change!

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  1. Such an interesting concept, this sounds like a combination of things I love: gambling and wanting to be thinner!


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