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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

I found a dog....

The following events actually happened. Nothing has been embellished. I swear, every single word is true. Honestly, file this under "you can't make this shit up".

Last Saturday I got into my car to run an errand and saw a small dog walking up my street. I live on a relatively busy street that leads to an even busier county road, read: lots of fast moving cars and idiot drivers. Not the safest place for a dog.

This is a dog. It's not the actual dog I found. I just needed a cute dog picture for the post. So sue me.
I sat in my car toying with the idea of getting out to see what the dog's deal was, or just going about my business and running my errand. Then I thought of my two dogs, Henry and Cosmo. If one of my dogs got out, I would hope that someone would take the time to make sure he didn't run into traffic, to make sure he was kept safe. So I got involved.

That was my first mistake.

I checked the dog for signs of ownership. No collar, no tags, no leash, no identifying marks. I brought the dog into my house and put it in my dog crate (I had my husband put our two boys outside so they didn't think I had brought them a chew toy). I posted the dog's picture on our HOA Facebook page alerting anyone who may be missing a dog to the fact that I had found one. Then I ran my errand.

When I got back, I checked the HOA Facebook page and saw no results, so I decided to check the dog to see if I could provide more details (male or female, coloring, age, etc). That's when I saw that this poor dog was infested with fleas and flea eggs. And it was sitting in my dog crate, with our blankets and our dog towels. Oh hell no. I treat my dogs for fleas with Frontline every month and I can't have an untreated dog infested with fleas in my house. No flipping way. So I called the local animal control office to make sure they were there on the weekend, and I got dressed, put the dog in a carrier and brought it to their office.

Let me make this perfectly clear: had this dog been flea-free, and not shown signs of infestation, I would have kept the dog all day, hoping that the owner could be located. However, that is not the case. This dog, this sweet innocent animal was crawling with fleas, and keeping it around my dogs was not an option.

Upon returning from the animal control office, someone messaged me that they knew who the owner was.

Then the owner saw my FB post on our HOA page and, I shit you not, accused me of stealing her dog.

You read that right. She said I stole her dog. But wait it gets better. These are literally, word for word, the posts she made on my Facebook post. Keep in mind, I found her dog. I made sure it did not get hit by a car. I could've just looked the other way and let someone else deal with it. But I didn't. This was the owner's response to my post. Each sentence was posted in a separate comment.

You can pay the $50 to pick her up

And I will file charges against you for stealing her I saw you drive off

They will not release her and I am coming to your house

!!!!!!!!!   (I'm not lying, that was an actual individual comment right there)

I just called 911

And I am waiting for the officer to call me

That's wrong what you did

And I don't have time for this (apparently she had time to post on FB over and over)

 I am filing a civil case.

You do not steal any pet !! And it's reported

I would shut your mouth !!

(someone posted here that I had done the right thing, the owner responded below)

No let someone steal your dog

See how you react

These people have nothing better to do pretty sad

It was wrong and it's been reported I wont drop it I will do what I have to  !!

Ok so here's the deal. Had the owner spent money on proper care of the dog (ie flea meds), she wouldn't have had to bail her dog out of doggie lockup.

I always try to teach my children to do the right thing. To make good choices and to help others if you are able. And yet, I thought I was doing the right thing, and it came back to bite me in the ass.

Did I do the wrong thing by taking the dog to animal control? Would you have kept a flea-infested animal around your animals? In your flea-free house? Or am I the bad guy here. I'd love to know what you think.

If you liked this post, perhaps you'll enjoy reading about the time I found something on Henry that no dog should have.


  1. You didn't do anything wrong. The dog's owner is a douch bag who doesn't give a damn about the dog---as evident in the way it was treated. No collar, no micro chip, covered in fleas? Yeah, the owner is the one who should be heavily fined and the dog deserves to get a better home.

    1. Thanks Marcia. I know you're an animal lover and respect your opinion!!

  2. You did absolutely everything right. Unfortunately this woman can not see you potentially saved the dog from getting hurt by a car. Sad that she could not be appreciative and thankful for going out of your way to save her dog.

    1. Thanks Jenn. I just want my kids to know that it was the right choice, even if the owner didn't see it that way.

    2. Your actions certainly demonstrated to your children and others that you did make the right choices.

  3. Amen to both comments above!!! You did the right thing, and the psycho-heifer needs to have every one of her "babies" removed from her care, since she is apparently unfit to keep any pets!!

  4. If she saw you, why didn't she come outside? Why is her dog outside unattended? You are doing the right thing, kids unfortunately see that even adults can be dumbasses.

    1. I wondered about that myself, Jolie. If she saw me drive off, why not follow me? You can be damned sure if I see my dog being put into someone else's car, I'm going to hop in my car and follow, or at least go to the person's house and ask what's going on!

  5. If she really thinks you stole her dog, then what was it doing roaming near the street. And seriously who lets their dogs flea problem get like that. Certainly not a caring loving pet owner. What a class a B$&@ch! I would have done all the same things you did. You did nothing wrong.

  6. Was it even really her dog? I'm half convinced she's even more psycho than she initially seems - that she's trying to use the situation to shake you down or just plain f*ck with you.

  7. I would have done the same. No tags? Most people around here put the dog name and phone number onbthw collar, just in case. Microchip too. She wouldnt pay $50 to picknup her dog and yet she couldnt use a dollop of Dawn to wash the dog? She should not be allowed to have ANY animal and probably bot children, either!

  8. Oh Teri, she is the negligent pet owner and you did everything right. That dog could've become roadkill if you hadn't picked it up, and she clearly is not fit to be a responsible pet Mom. It would be in the dog's best interest to get a new furever parent. Thanks for being a good person!!

  9. Sadly, so many people wouldn't have even given that dog a second look and it probably would have made it to that busy country road. You are such a good person for caring, taking him in to your home, and taking the time to post on your HOA page. People like her are just looking for someone else to blame for their problems. Don't stop caring, no matter how many assholes you run in to.

  10. You did the right thing. I'm scratching like crazy just THINKING of the fleas. We went to visit a friends house. While there a flea jumped from her onto me. I got it off rounded The Hubster and kids up and left. As soon as we got home I made everyone take off their clothes, threw them all in the machine and boiled them. We all had showers I then flea bombed the car AND the house. All because a single flea jumped on me.(17&13 were much younger when this happened) so no there is no way on Gods green earth that I would have an animal that was completely infested with fleas in my house. It must have been excruciatingly painful for the dog to have that many fleas on him. I think the owners should be fined for cruelty to that poor dog. I hope doggy jail treated the dogs fleas and charged the owner for that too. The "owner" isn't fit to look after a guppy let alone a dog. You definitely did the right thing for that poor dog.

  11. Oh I would have done the same thing!! And if she saw you then why didn't she come out and say hey that's my dog or follow you to your house? Also if my dog was infested with fleas I would be negligent in my caring for said animal.

    I would just post on the hoa thread that the dog stayed at your house until you were free and when you had a moment to access things to find the owner since a simple post resulted in nothing you discovered the animal was covered in fleas. Since you have animals also you didn't want your house getting infested so you did the only thing possible since no owner came forward and called animal welfare.

    1. That was my question too Jennifer. If you saw me put your dog in my car why didn't you say something? Follow me? And for the record, when I put the dog in the car it was in a small pet carrier, not visible to the eye.


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