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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Go Amanda! It's Your Birthday!

I had to go in and edit that little bit of script at the top of this page today. You know, the description of what Snarkfest is all about. I had to change it from 18 & 15 to 18 & 16. Why? Because my baby girl, my youngest daughter turned Sweet Sixteen today. How is it even REMOTELY possible that I have a daughter in college AND a baby who is 16?

It was just last month that I was dropping her off at Pre-K and she held a death-grip on my leg.

It was just the other day that she walked onto the soccer field for the first time and just stood there.

It was later that same afternoon that she was in goal and LOVED it.

It was last weekend that she picked up a volleyball and realized that she is a pretty damned good volleyball player.

It was just yesterday that she learned to play the alto sax and kicked ass in the Marching Band, Symphonic Band and Jazz Band.

It was only this morning that she won the Knights of Columbus Foul Shooting competition for her age group. In the entire state of WV!

It seems like only a moment ago she was my little baby. And now, she's 16 years old. Driving. playing in the band, playing on the volleyball team, fitting 4H meetings into her already crazy busy schedule. And yet, she still holds my hand, still hugs and kisses me goodnight every night.

Happy Birthday, baby girl I love you to the moon and back.


  1. Happy Birthday to your 16! As we all know, it goes by too fast! Enjoy it!

  2. Happy birthday, Amanda! Keep rocking it, girlie!!

  3. Happy Birthday!! My oldest turns 16 in 8 days....I too am wondering where the time went! Legally in the UK you can leave school at 16, get a job etc etc, luckily mine is staying on at school for another 2 years then off to university. It's like she was just a baby a few days ago lol!

  4. Awesome post! Happy birthday to her! And so many wonderful memories and milestones on the way!

  5. Awww.. That is so beautiful. There is always something so bittersweet about them growing up. With Andy, I am so proud of him in so many ways and can't wait to see the many things he will continue to accomplish - and then at times I wish he were still that cute, little, laughing boy who saw the world with wonder. Thanks for the post!


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