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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Moving on...

Moving on. Letting go. We all have to do it eventually. And I'm over on Mamalode today talking about how we're gearing up for moving on here at Casa Snarkfest. Go have a look at my post Moving On.


  1. Outstanding story, Teri! If you need another daughter, I'll give you one of mine plus $20 to keep her. :D

    1. Wow what a generous offer Toby. Thanks, but there are already wayyyyyy too many hormones running through my house already. My husband would agree.

  2. My 2 girls are 15&11 and I'm already dreading them going to University. Evan scarier, next year my then 16 year old can legally leave school, not that she will, she's set her mind to a levels and then university. only 3 years? Where did the time go? Tessa, UK.


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