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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

This one time, at band camp....

Get your minds out of the gutter, Snarklings. It's not THAT kind of blog.  This ain't your momma's band camp. My oldest is at high school band camp and this is her third year (God help me she's a Junior!) up there. The band director is absolutely awesome. And the schedule that they keep there leaves very little time for anyone getting into trouble. Here's a little sample of what's going on in a typical day at band camp:

6:30 - Wake up, shower, make beds
7:30 - Breakfast
8:30 - Marching rehearsal
12:00 - Lunch
1:00 - Sectional rehearsal/full band rehearsal
3:00 - Break (swim, sleep, sports, rehearsal optional)
5:00 - Dinner
6:00 - Marching rehearsal
9:30 - Rehearsal ends
10:00 - Snack
10:45 - Everyone in cabins
11:00 - Lights out

Seriously, these kids work their asses off this week. They got there Sunday and will return on Friday late afternoon. During that time they eat well, they have a blast, but make no mistake, they work hard, and it shows. Their marching band won the equivalent of state champions last marching season. They start rehearsing in mid-July, spend a full week living at band camp, then rehearse all August long so that they are ready for their first performance at the football team's first home game. I've met some fantastic kids with amazing, awesome parents.

It's a huge band, over 140 kids. It takes 4 school buses, a truck and a trailer to haul the band and all their instruments to band competitions around our area. It also took an additional truck to haul all of their baggage, fans, sleeping bags, etc. up to band camp. HUGE undertaking. But most definitely worth it.

Next year, 13 will be a Freshman and 15 will be a Senior. They will both be at band camp together for a full week. When we were sitting at dinner the other night, the hubby and I discussed this and, at almost the exact same time, decided that we should drop them off next year and go on vacation for a week! Would it be wrong if we went to Disney without them?


  1. I think a vacation is a splendid idea!! But I'd go to the beach where I can just sit and read and drink things with umbrellas in the glass!! Aaaahhhhh!!

    1. That's MY plan, Jen!!! I can deal with a week on the beach!

  2. What an awesome experience
    Thanks for hooking up to the Hump Day Hook Up

  3. I was in marching band all four years and band camp is BAD ASS.
    It is.
    I would come home and sleep for days.
    Love to relive this on the blog!
    Btw, please tell we you weren't at Blogher bc the thought of not meeting you makes me sad.

    1. Oh Kari that's the nicest thing I've heard all week!!! I was NOT at BlogHer this year but will definitely be there next year. I would LOVE to meet you if you can make it. I did see that you spend some time with another of my favorite ladies, Julie from A Pocketful of Joules. Great pics!

  4. Yes, you should totally go on vacation next year.!

    1. I couldn't agree more, Pippi!!! Saving my pennies now.

  5. My daughter is at field hockey camp right now with 15 girls from her team and 225 other girls. She's loving it! And yes, you should go on vacation while they are there next year!

  6. Yes on vacation - NOOOOO on Disney, for the love of god NOOOOO!

    1. I've got my eye on a beach. With a fruity drink. All. Week. Long.

  7. Yes, go on vacation! But not to Disney...get as far away from other peoples' kids as possible! In fact, go somewhere where kids aren't even allowed...like Vegas or something? :)

    1. There's no beach in Vegas. I am interested in lying on a hot sandy beach. But a casino wouldn't hurt!


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