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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Tuesday Tirade: Changing Plans

Today's tirade is a result of broken plans. Plans that fell apart, for me, several weeks ago. Not going into specifics, but a plan was made. A nice family plan. Then one person made a decision which changed the whole balance of the plan. One person turned the whole pretty plan completely on its ear. One of us was then left out of the plan. No biggie, someone has to hang out at home and watch the dogs, right? Still a family plan, just not the WHOLE family. It's all good. Hubby and the girls will still be able to be together, and I'll be with them in spirit. (*note: it wasn't hubby or the girls who were responsible for the change)

Until last night when the one person who made the plan-changing decision before suddenly backed out. Last minute change of plans, so sorry, can't make it. Now it's too late to get the time off without causing headaches, too late to plan on someone caring for the dogs, getting the mail, etc. Too late to get laundry done, clean the house and get packed so we can make it the family plan it was supposed to be several months ago when we first planned it. So honestly, as much as I will enjoy having some quality time with Henry, Cosmo and Dumbass, it would've been better if I would've been able to follow the original plan.

If the van wasn't rear-ended last year by an assbag taxi driver, the whole plan would've worked. Room for 8 in the van, only room for 5 in our car, so that sort of pisses me off, retroactively. It'll be fine, I'm okay, I'll just miss what's happening with my family this week. Thank goodness for texting and the internet, right?


  1. That sounds annoying. I hate it when people let me down. Oh well... look on the bright side, at least you get to spend some time alone :)

  2. Ugh! I hate it when plans get changed like that and then changed back to how they were originally. That's a big old WTF; sorry to hear you're missing out on the family time.


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