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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Revisiting the Liebster!

The amazing Jenn at My Daily Jenn-isms AND the ever fantastic Kimbo at It Is Interesting To Note have both bestowed upon me the Liebster Award. Awards are given to spread the word about bloggers and I'm all about spreading the love. And the snark. I'm going to break the rules for now (because what are they gonna do, hurt my feelings?) and just answer the questions I've been asked to answer, and then post those same questions to YOU, dear readers, to answer in my comments section. Are you ready? Pay attention because there are a bunch of questions and you WILL be quizzed on them. First up, Kimbo's questions:

1. What household chore do you hate the most? Ironing. I'd rather rinse my mouth out with bleach, spit it on the floor and scrub the floor with bare hands full of paper cuts than to iron

2. What was the last movie, TV show or book that made you cry or tear up? The Green Mile, Sunday night on TNT. 

  3. What’s the best/worst gift you’ve ever given/received? Worst gift: My husband knows what that is and if I bring it up yet again, I'm likely to be sleeping in the guest room. Let's just say the Postal Service is involved. Best gift: That same husband surprised me with tickets to see John Pinette, one of my very favorite comedians on my birthday

4. What do you miss most about being a kid? Not having to worry about bills, taxes, who has to be at what school at what time for what activity and how are they getting home. And playing kick the can. I used to love that game

5. What story does your family always tell about you? My mom loves to tell the story about how when she was pregnant with me, some nuns came to ask for donations, and the next year those same nuns came back and wanted to see the baby (me) and when they crept up to my room (where I was supposed to be sleeping) I had removed my diaper and had proceeded to spread the contents of said diaper all over every curl in my hair, every crevasse of my ears, in my nose, on the walls.... you get the idea

6. At what age did you consider yourself an adult? I'll let you know when that happens.

7. What’s one thing you wish you could “un-know”? What's in scrapple. I freaking LOVE scrapple. I honestly don't CARE that scrapple is made from everything they find on the floor in the pig killing factory. But it would be nice to still believe that scrapple is made out of angel wings, unicorn smiles and leprechaun magic.

8. Where would you like to go on a deam vacation? Hawaii for a month. All expenses paid. My kids could join me for a week. Maybe two if they behave.

9. What is your first memory of being really excited? Waking up in the middle of the night one Christmas Eve to go downstairs to the bathroom and seeing that not only had Santa come, but he HAD brought me the Barbie 3-Story Town House with the working elevator. God I was psyched!

10. What was the first thing you bought with your own money? Records. I remember buying 45's and I believe my first album was Queen: News of the World

11. What was the last experience that made you a stronger person? Moving from NJ to WV and meeting a bazillion new friends, taking a job way out of my ordinary and beginning a blog

Next up, Jenn's questions:

1.  Who in your life do you most wish to be like? Sweet Brown. Because when it comes to bullshit, 'ain't nobody got time for that'.

2.  Other than parenting, what is your greatest accomplishment? Marrying my best friend and having a tremendous amount of love in my heart for him after being together for 129 years.

3.  If you had your choice of living in a region where it’s either only cold all the time or only hot all the time, which would you pick? Hot. Maybe. No, cold. No, I hate ice. Definitely hot. Unless my air conditioner breaks. Then definitely cold.

4.  What is your biggest phobia?  (ie: birds, snakes, spiders) Wasps. (not flying white anglo saxon protestants)

5.   How old were you when you got your first paying job? When I was 9, I worked at my mom and step-dad's mini golf course at the Brigantine Castle. They paid me $25 a week and I always wanted to get paid in $1 bills because it looked like such a lot of money!

6.  What do you like the best about where you live? The people are amazing. I've made so many awesome friends. And the area is beautiful.

7.  What is the one place you’d most like to visit before you die? Ireland.

8.   What one piece of knowledge, that you’ve learned from your own experience, do you find most important to pass on to your child? Think before you jump into something. ALWAYS trust that little voice in your head that's telling you this may not be the best idea you've ever had. That voice is almost always right.

9.  Early bird or night owl? A little of both. I can hang until around 11:30, maybe midnight before I become a zombie. And I don't mind getting up around 8:30 or 9:00.

10.  What is your favorite meal to cook?  (opening a can of spaghetti o’s counts) Macaroni, cheese and ham casserole has been a big hit lately so I'm going to say that. Yes, that's what I'm going to say is my favorite (this week)

11.   If you found out you were expecting a child, how would you react? Before or after I threw myself in front of a freight train?

Ok it is NOT mandatory to answer all of these questions so if you want to pick one or two (or 22, whatever blows your dress up, dude) go ahead and answer them in the comments. I'll learn a little about you! And again a HUGE thank you to Jenn and Kimbo. Please go check out their sites and see for yourselves how awesome they are!


  1. I'll bite. Kimbo's #4 - eating anything I wanted and not worrying about it making me fat. Kimbo's #11 - being diagnosed with breast cancer last March and deciding to make it a positive, even humorous, experience. Jenn's #4 - all of the above, plus the dark. Yes, I'm still scared of the dark. Jenn's #10 - favorite meal to cook is kind of an oxymoron.

    1. Honest and to the point. Love your answer to Jenn's #10 and that you have such a positive outlook on life Dyanne! That's fantastic!

    2. Thanks! I'd rather laugh than cry. And I make jokes when I'm in an uncomfortable situation anyway.

  2. Kimbo #1 - unloading the dishwasher....HATE it - would rather clean a toilet.
    Jenn #7- IRELAND! So there we have it - we are going to go to Ireland and run a half marathon. I have spoken, thus it shall be.

    I love your answers. You make me smile!!!


  3. Just Followed your Blog through the TGIF Blog Hop, would love a follow back if you have a chance



  4. These are so great!
    1. Who in your life do you most wish to be like? I LOVE SWEET BROWN! And every person who plays by their OWN set of rules, w/in reason of course. I'm not condoning murder or anything.

    2. Other than parenting, what is your greatest accomplishment? Getting a loan and going back to school as an adult, it got me better and better jobs.

    3. If you had your choice of living in a region where it’s either only cold all the time or only hot all the time, which would you pick? Hot. I'm always cold. I think I'm part reptile.

    4. What is your biggest phobia? Dental work. I seriously want all my teeth pulled and replaced with implants. Dentist says not yet. I need to find a better dentist.

    1. I've got 3 dental implants, Joy. Lots of work and pain.

  5. Haha! Love your answer to the second #11.


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