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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

I'm someplace else today, come see me!

About a thousand years ago I wrote my very first blog post. It was awkward. But I wrote it and I'm so proud of it. Today, my friend Stacey over at Nurse Mommy Laughs is featuring the blog post that popped my proverbial cherry. Go have a look and leave me some feedback. Tell me I'm pretty and that you want to give my chocolate for being brave enough to write about taking my teenage daughters bathing suit shopping.

Here's a teaser......

Let me tell you about the weekend that I had the pleasure (read: abject HORROR) of trying bathing suits on with my daughters, who at the time were 14 & 12. It was Mother's Day weekend, and I had a 30% off coupon for Kohls. We were planning on a trip to Disney, and we all needed new bathing suits. After grabbing about $145,835 worth of regular clothing we moved on to bathing suits. They went first, and I grabbed a pile and when I walked into our dressing room, I stood with my mouth gaping wide open, staring at these two unbelievably gorgeous shapely, stunning girls and wondered if I had accidentally entered the wrong room.

Read the rest here.....


  1. My 2 girls are 12&16 this year. It's terrifying. My 2 cute, pretty little girls have morphed into 2 stunning young women. God forgive me but burka's are sounding more and more appealing. The boys are sniffing around them, they always have done, but what once was cute is now so not. The hubster is a chef so we have LOTS of sharp knives, and as the hubster says, he knows how to get rid of the body....douchebag pie for anyone ;)

  2. We all need to start someone. Some of my early blog posts were horrible!

  3. You are so fabulous and a great mom! When my kids start acting all a fool in their teens, I'm totally calling you for tips on how to keep it together! Thanks for showing off your schtuff at Nurse Mommy Laughs. xoxo


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