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Monday, December 16, 2013

Facebook, you're a tool.

I don't even know how much it will help to post this on my Snarkfest page, because Facebook has DRASTICALLY decreased how many people see posts.  Many of my blogging friends who have thousands and thousands of followers have seen a huge decrease in traffic on FB and a tremendous dip in how many of their posts are actually seen by the people who like their pages. It's easy for us to say "Go to where it says "Like" on FB and click "Get Notifications" but that doesn't even seem to be working. 

So what I'm asking is this: Keep checking my Facebook page for new content, even if you don't see anything new from me in your newsfeed. Do this for ALL the pages you like and want to hear from.

Secondly, if you don't want to miss any of my blog posts, please subscribe to receive my blog in your email or follow my blog posts on Bloglovin'. You can do both of these from this blog page over there on the right side where it says "Subscribe via Email" or "Follow Me". I promise to NEVER EVER send you a bunch of spam.

Lastly, please share stuff you find humorous or thought provoking on the pages of bloggers or humorists you enjoy reading. Word of mouth is a powerful tool and lately, FB has been taking a lot of tools away from us.


  1. Zuckerburg can kiss my ass.

    . . . Though I'll never leave FB and I'm addicted. I can't quit him!

  2. He wants us to pay to.promote our posts. It's marketing evil genius. But evil none the less, FB is where the people are. I could almost see paying IF you could reach more people but paying to reach people that already clicked Like and updated Notifications.....I'm with you ... You are a tool FB.

  3. I've got you covered mate. I've been a follower for some while now so you appear in my feed. I'm not on facebook so I don't have to worry at the moment. Enjoy the rest of your day.

  4. 'Like.'
    Oh, wait. Where's the 'like' button? ;)

  5. I added you to my interests list, checked for notifications and try to follow every post that sporadically shows up in my feed. I won your book contest and didn't know until I saw my name on Twitter. Facebook has been more and more of a disappointment lately.

  6. That's why I sign up for email alerts and follow on Bloglovin. This way I can follow my blogger friends and see new posts. I have a FB page for my blog but that is only one of the tools I use to promote, but I don't pay for anything.

  7. STUPID ARESEFACEBOOK. It's a tool for sure. I see your updates and will continue to pimp you out!!!


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