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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Snarkfest, Your Mom-on-the-Street!

Hey Snarklings! Let me fill you in on the events of last Friday, now that I've had several free minutes to look back on it. I trucked my butt down to Arlington to the WJLA Television station where I met up with the awesome Julie of Rants from Mommyland and the amazing Bethany of I Love Them Most When They're Sleeping! Let me just tell you, these two crazy chicks are FREAKING FANTASTIC!!! We hit it off right away and became fast friends. After quick intros and some coffee and bonding, we headed into the studio where we were whisked back to where News channel 8's morning show, Let's Talk Live was being shot. We were due to go on around 11:20 to promote the awesome new book I Just Want to Pee Alone, maybe you've heard of it? Anyway it was at this point that I started feeling really nervous. Apparently I wasn't alone:
Me, Julie and Bethany, pre-vomit
We went on just after Dr. Katy and the adorable and adoptable and extremely slimey pitbull, Valentine, and just before the amazingly youthful grandparents, Iver and.......shit I can't remember the woman's name. I only remember her husband's name because I made a lame-ass joke about his name being Iver and asked if he was an engine driver. (ONLY hardcore Who fans will get that reference, and apparently, Iver's not one of them).

Ok, so we are getting ready to go on and we meet one of the beautiful co-hosts,  Melissa, Marnie, Melanie, who posed for pictures and made us feel right at home.

Melanie, me, Julie & Bethany, pre-show
Apparently Julie is a guest on the show about once a month and was quick to let us know that everyone on the show is absolutely amazing, so I instantly felt better.
By the way, thanks Iver, you're a great photographer even if you're not an engine driver
We did the show, we were awesome, and then AFTER our spot, the other co-host, the totally gorgeous Natasha, asked us to stick around so that she could do an interview with us for the ABC NEWS AT 5:00!!!!!!!! Channel 7!!! The BIG TIME!!!!! Sorry but there are NO pictures of me shitting my pants. She said that a federal judge had just issued a ruling that makes the RU486 (morning after) pill available over the counter to ANYONE, regardless of age. Used to be you needed a prescription and parental consent if you were under the age of 17. Guess what! Not anymore. My 13 year old baby could walk into Rite Aid, CVS or her pharmacy of choice and buy a morning after pill without me knowing about it. What did I think of this ruling?? See for yourself. Here I am on the 5:00 news!!! Julie went first because she's a regular on the show and I think she's sleeping with Natasha, but whatever. I'm okay with it.

I promise, once we get the link to our little 6 minute segment on Let's Talk Live, I'll post it so you can see how crazy we are and how much fun we had (and probably how nervous, scared and nauseous I was). Thank GOD I couldn't actually see myself on the monitors or I'd be all Cindy Brady, frozen and speechless. Shut up, I could be speechless. Maybe.


  1. SO cool! And SO proud of you and EXCITED for you!

  2. Wow! You are moving into the big time! Fame and fortune--just around the corner!

  3. Congrats on your insta-celeb status :)

  4. Congratulations on being a TV star, AND not soiling your pants. So much to be proud of.

  5. Congratulations as you move onwards and upwards to success and fortune. I can imagine the nerves you must have felt at first but I'm sure you relaxed right into it after a while. Very few people get those opportunities so make sure you take full advantage and work it girl.
    Now, make sure you don't turn into a DIVA like some of those celebrities out there too, demanding heaven and hell to be at your 'beck n call' ha ha ha. Enjoy.

  6. I can't wait to see the segment. I bet you did great!

  7. ppffft.. I've been on the news before. In fact I'm pretty sure every member of the Royal Family has done that... oh wait,, you're there for something super cool...

    we were a spotlight episode of cops..


    taking my hookers and moving on...

  8. This is awesome!!! I love seeing you guys together - and hearing you!!! Glad no soiling occurred - although that would have made for an interesting segment!


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