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Wednesday, March 25, 2015


Sorry for yelling, but we just found out that our little book that could, I Just Want to Pee Alone has made it to #15 on the New York FREAKING Times Best Sellers List!!!  See?

My name is "Various Bloggers", pleased to meet you!!!

I'm going to hold off on ordering the Porsche Cayenne just yet but I'm sure it's only a matter of years, decades even, before I'll have enough in book royalties to afford to fill a Porsche Cayenne with a tank of gas. Until then, if you have read the book, please feel free to leave a review on the Amazon.com site.

And if you haven't yet ordered a copy, it's on the cheap on Amazon, so please grab a copy. If you want me to sign it, order it here and I'll be happy to do so!

Until then, I'm going to have a celebratory third cup of coffee and a donut. Because that's how we NY Times Best-Selling Authors roll, yo.

And just so you know, the follow-up, I STILL Just Want to Pee Alone is going to be released on Friday! It's Volume 3 if you're keeping track and there are a shit ton of funny folks included in this go round (I'm not in there but a BUNCH of my friends are, so it's all good). Looking for another funny anthology? Pre-order yours now!


  1. Well...slap me down and call me Shorty!

    Way to go, Teri!

    Just think....I knew you when.

  2. I'm so jelly that I want to leave a nasty, mean comment like I've seen all the other jelly people in the world do on various sites...but I love you, so I totally won't. :) CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!

  3. Shut the F'up!! I hadn't seen that yet! Holy Crapballs, we be important now!!! :)

  4. Awesome news Teri! Great job!

    1. Thanks Phil for always being supportive and awesome!

  5. DUDE! I'm so freaking excited for you guys and naturally, I'm hoping lightning strikes twice. Absolutely stellar!!!

  6. Yay! I actually did it - I Googled NYT best sellers & there you are, number 3. Too funny. I think I'm gonna write a blog post w/ NYT best seller in the title & see if it works. Hey, congrats that's amazing news. Can't even get over how crazy this all is. And, thx for the shout out for the new book.



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