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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Squirrels under my car, entitled teens and more!

I'm not having a good week. Yes, I know there are those who are far worse off than I am. But damn, this has been a week. And not a good one.

Today I ran over a squirrel while driving my darling youngest child to school. Stupid squirrel. When I got home I went to log onto my computer and Windows 10 had decided to install itself without my permission. Screw you, Windows 10, I'm declining your ass. Don't mess with me today or you'll end up like the squirrel.

Normally I am a very involved parent when it comes to my kids' schools. I'm in the Band Booster org, I provide assistance when asked and I always attend their functions, be it a concert or an induction ceremony or an end of year banquet. Once again I'm on the team putting together our band banquet. Remember how much fun this was in previous years?? 

Glutton for punishment, party of one?

Anyway, this week we had two such end of year banquets. Tuesday's was fine. But last night's was quite an eye opening experience. I sat and listened to the student president of this school organization speak for a full 5 minutes about how difficult this year was for the club. She took over as president last spring and at the beginning of this year, the faculty advisor for the club wanted to step down, and another advisor stepped up to take over. But to hear this high school senior talk about the transition, you would have thought they had asked her to tear down the school building and rebuild it alone, brick by brick. It was ridiculous. She sounded so put-upon I almost wanted to take up a collection for her.

She then went on to say how pleased she was with their toy drive over the holidays. They collected so many toys for kids who were 'not as prominent or as well-off as we are'. I literally choked on my beverage when she said that. I looked at my kids and they both said "Mom, you KNOW how entitled she is. When you look up 'entitled' in the dictionary, there she is". The best was when we left the school. For some reason the flags were flying at half mast.  We tried to remember who had passed away recently but came up empty. My only conclusion was they were flying the flags at half mast for the trials and tribulations that the president had gone through this year.

What kind of kids are we raising? If she went on and on complaining at an end of year banquet about how difficult this year was for her because she was MILDLY INCONVENIENCED, what in the world will she do when she gets to college and she is responsible for getting assignments in, homework finished, exams done all while doing her own laundry and getting to the damn dining hall before it closes? HOW WILL SHE LIVE???? The mind reels.

The week wasn't total shit. I did run a really good half marathon on Sunday, hitting my goal of finishing in under 3 hours. And I had a really good time with the friends with whom I ran. I'm thankful to have both my girls at home, happy and healthy. I have a job that I love and my muscles are almost feeling better after the run. Today is my 21st wedding anniversary so that's cause for celebration. So yeah, life is good. But sometimes, the bumps are annoying and I just have to vent.

What bugs you lately?

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    Actually, my week wasn't that bad but my Monday was.
    I am sorry about your week.
    Sending you a big squirrel hug.
    Too soon?


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